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Is he alive? Family Intro

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Is he alive? Family Intro 6070768-3246735485-suici
Journal Entry #15
Today is my fist assignment away from home, away from America. I've been dropped somewhere in Germany. Target: Unknown. Location: Unknown. Last Seen: Germany.
Sometimes, there are those rare times when I wish our intelligence agency CIA was not so incompetent. How do they expect me to work with such details? This is crazy. I sit outside a cafe at a table sat on the cobbled path of a busy street, hundreds of people walking about, this space though was private, separate from the road by chains.

I have a local contact who I'm supposed to meet. He's supposed to give me a name or location of someone and I'm to follow it there. I wore a disguise, the mask of an old and balding man who wore glasses. This is all part of the job and no one was to be trusted. That's why once the mission began I had abandoned all contact with OSD and its supervisory Agencies. There was no doubt I was doing this for my country but in the event that I failed in my mission, I would not be claimed as being an American. My identity would be concealed and my existence would become null.

That's precisely why I cannot fail. I have an important mission at hand that no one else can fulfill. A guy in his 20s, probably the same age as me came walking in a casual manner and sat across the table in front of me. He passed a small note to me before getting up and quietly walked away.
That night it rained heavily in Germany, lightning flashed behind me. That was the night that I had worn my Gravity Sheath armor for the first time ever. It was a tight fit custom made for me. I was the one and only OP trained in the Phantom program. There were a few others but all of them are dead. They failed their training and lost both their chance to serve for America and their lives to do anything else.

The mansion had heavy defenses, 15 men in each floor and 2 out front while 2 stood watch on the roof. This wasn't going to be easy. I knew this from the start. But the guy in there he was planning on a terrorist attack against my nation. An attack like the one carried out by Osama Bin Laden. Never again, I will not let that happen if its the last thing I do. Armed only with my army knives, because they wouldn't give me anything else to fight in this mission, I crept around the back of the house.
Thunder and Lightning helped me keep vigilance down as deafening voices surrounded us. It was easy to sneak up on 5 guards patrolling the backyard from underneath the bushes and bring them down one by one. From there, it was only a matter of climbing on to the roof and taking out those snipers. I had options. Handguns, Rifles and Sniper Rifles, but I preferred and maintain the mission requirement strictly to that. The more challenging a mission, the better it was for me.

Now, it was a bit tricky to kill the guards in the front, but I somehow managed to pull it off. Like a tiger I leaped, right when the blinding flash of lightning struck, my daggers plunging into their throats, before pulling them back and down the stairs they'd went tumbling. The hardest part of this mission was time. Each kill meant I had to hide their bodies, and I'd dragged all of them into the bushes. After the bodies outside had been stowed away, I start towards the inside. Behind me, rivers of blood was steadily flowing down the garden and into the streets right down the drain.

By the time they were found, I suspect they'd have even an ounce blood remaining in them. Oh yeah, such is the fate of those who want to destroy my nation.

It took Rudolph the entire night before he was able to sweep the entire mansion and kill his target requirement. After that, he'd simply disappeared from scene and back to his own country.

Somewhere in London:

Rudolph in civilian clothing, wearing his real face, an eyepatch over one eye sat at a coffee table much like the one he was sitting at all those years ago, reminiscing days of old. A few feet away from him at a desk sat a blonde guy, looking like he was about 23, laughing and talking to a girl. He was the boy shown in the hologram projected by The Sage. Was this really his son?

After a while, the girl he was talking to had left, and surprisingly, the boy actually got up and came right towards Rudolph and sat in front of him. He had a smile on his face, but those eyes were dead serious. "Old man, you've been staring at us for a while now. What's your deal?" He came right to point.

"You remind me of my son," Rudolph said with a smile before getting up and leaving. The vigilance, he's received at least the same manner of training as he himself alright. "I'll be seeing you soon son," He said, smiling. A genuine smile he hadn't displayed in years.

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