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RP Online Prime Universe (RPOPU or simply Prime Universe)

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This is the rules thread, timeline, and index, for the first (and so far, only,) writing universe on this site.


Everything said in this thread applies in the RPO Prime Universe. That said, there are some more specific rules I'd like to outline here.

  • One. The setting of the Universe is meant to remain static. That doesn't mean you can't make a lasting impact on the world, but there are some hard limits. No major disrupting of the setting like making magic powers or futuristic technology widely available, like curing diseases or making clean power available. Your character might be able to, but it would negatively effect the setting for others.

  • Two. The setting is meant to be realistic. NPCs should react to things in a realistic manner, and this extends to governments, economies, and the like.

  • Three. The effect on the world of a story arc or event is directly proportional to the amount of time or words spent building up to it. If one person pulls a magic space army out of their ass and tries to blow up the Statue of Liberty, the statue is going to be rebuilt instantly, if damaged at all, but is someone spends a month building up their army, gathering allies, and foreshadowing the attack, people will sell the damage more.

  • Four. You must allow others to contest actions your character takes. This falls under the 'don't god-mod' rule, but isn't explicitly stated there. You can't, say, kill an NPC another character is protecting, without allowing the other writer a chance to prevent it, any more than you could kill another character without giving them a chance to avoid your attack.

  • Five. With regards to politics and things: There are two explicitly allowed ways of having political power within the universe. Firstly: Empire Claims have to be put up for a community vote. The community gets to decide whether or not the claiment gets that particular empire claim. The second way of gaining control of a country or region is through political power, generally via an election. Note that there will be nothing as ridiculous as owning a continent in RPOPU

(Work in Progress)

Credits to @Carbon for writing this.

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