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Jaiden Logic

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1Jaiden Logic Empty Jaiden Logic on Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:40 am

Name: Jaiden Logic
Species: Unkown, experimented on by the north Korean government.
Height: 6'
Allegiance: Indeterminite.
Age: Unkown(Estimated at at least 35 based on North Koreas timeline records of him)
Powers and skills:
Jaiden Logic Latest?cb=20151030230557

Mind swapping:
Jaiden's primary ability seems to have no physical appearance that one can easily detect. It in fact goes far beyond most. Instead he has the ability to take control of another persons body by making direct eye contact with them, this however has certain rules and regulations. His power works a lot like a chain, with a maximum of five links. He cannot stray further then five links from his primary body, which doesn't have to in fact be his original, and if he dies inside someone else's body he dies for real, unless he reverses the process (which doesn't require eye contact.)

Cutting the links: Killing anyone in between his primary body and his current body will sever his link with the ones he connected to made before it, and making the next living link after the dead one his primary link.

Reversal: At any moment Jaiden can reverse the process to the link just before the one he's in, leaving them to whatever fate may befall them. This doesn't take the normal amount of time as a normal thought would, if he is about to die his mind exceeds extreme physical limits in order to try and make it, however there have been plenty of close calls.

Swapped bodies: Although technically he has in fact swapped conscious memory, conscious intelligence, and willpower, with those he switches with, most are not able to control the bodies they swap with. This is due to "sudden shock" which usually puts them into the equivalent of a coma due to the surprise and vast changes of how the bodies feel and work, and the switch itself which is apparently quite painful. Over time this will wear off, but during their state of coma they also become strangely self sufficient, needing very little to survive and even maintain muscle mass for extended periods of time. Individuals with experience in such things may catch on quicker, people who have experience certain types of torture, certain multiple personality disorders, and people who mind control or shapeshift, are more likely to do well.

Muscle memory: He maintains all the powers and physical capacities of whatever body he takes. This would include most telepathic powers, if they were hosted in the body such as the brain or nervous system like many are. It will not however work with everything. Certain mystical abilities, and things specific to the persons mind, will simply switch with them, thus there are many magic users who will not actually lose their abilities.

Intellect/main body:

Jaiden is absurdly intelligent in his current primary body, having a nervous system that in fact functions using a specific type of tachyon (Faster then light speed particle) instead of the usual electrical signals. This increases thinking and physical speed drastically, he is also able to obtain these tachyons from his surroundings and thus obtain an incredibly increased awareness. He does in fact keep much of this intellect when swapping, suggesting it mostly is a conscious action, not merely instinct of the primary body.

Knowledge: Due to how much he uses his links, he has obtained numerous languages, combat experience, and scientific knowledge, which he manages to take with him between forms. He does this by analyzing a persons instinctive reactions or actions to certain things, and then memorizing them for future use. He has also caught onto how an individuals body normally works under the appropriate emotional or subconscious reactions, resulting in him figuring out how to manipulate his own twitches or body language.

Languages: The main languages he knows are English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian.

Current body/abilities:

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Name of current link (fifth): James Rodrigo
Height: 5'10"
Age: 19
Race: Mutant
Hemokinetic constructs/manipulation:

James can generate and manipulate various limbs/weapons using his blood. The advantages of this is it in fact is a spatial manipulation more so then some other abilities, it moves the blood individually where it is in space and at what point in time, and with how much force. This allows it to be almost indestructible, as they have to break his actual power more so then the blood itself which is extremely strong and sharp. The disadvantage is that using this of course deprives him of blood, and using it for extended periods of time can be deadly to himself.

This manipulation also allows him to move much faster then a normal human is capable.

Enhanced senses: Particularly that of smell, followed by hearing.

Combat skill:
A natural and trained affinity for unarmed combat, as well as use of his mutations, making him a considerable foe when it comes to fighting.

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2Jaiden Logic Empty Re: Jaiden Logic on Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:13 am


I like it thus far, where you are going with this.

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3Jaiden Logic Empty Re: Jaiden Logic on Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:17 pm

There are a few things I haven't completely worked out just yet so it's still sort of in the air, but he presently is leaning towards the side of something between a villain and an anti hero.

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