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A little history

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One year, 3 months ago. North Korean secret base.

It had been around five years worth of testing, and still not the wanted. The North Korean government had been brutally experimenting on Jaiden Logic so much one would think he might have died by now. But still could not manage to replicate his ability. They had dubbed the experiment 유령 소지
(yulyeong soji) Or ghost possession.

Jaiden stopped bothering trying to say they'd never figure it out, stopped bothering to escape, until now, they had begun to get sloppy as Jaiden had seemed to drift away and only cooperate in certain areas otherwise being nearly completely unaware of anything. Thus, when a scientist who entered thinking him asleep, he failed to wear the specially lensed goggles that faded out both their eyes and blocked Jaidens. His eyes flickered open for a mere second, and as they made contact with the scientists they both experienced a moment of realization about what was about to transpire, but nothing could be done about it. A surge of pain and bewilderment swept into the scientist as he found himself in Jaidens linked body and not his own, realizing he'd accidentally become just one of many links but in too much shock to do anything about it. Jaiden, now in control of the scientists body, covered his eyes shouting in Korean, ["Glasses, glasses!] and grabbing them quickly to cover his eyes. He breathed heavily as they finally managed to put them on and he looked at his former link, "[I think there is no more to be done today, and that was a little too close for comfort. We will make sure that doesn't happen again.]" He walked out mumbling about five years of this and nearly messing up now. As they began organizing to return to swap with the next group he carefully placed a little surprise for them near one of the generators.

He walked out and handed a paper report to a driver and stood at the gate to watch him leave, only as he did so, he waved and locked eyes with him before clenching his chest as they swapped places. The scientists body collapsed, and inside the truck heading out a sly twinkle appeared in Jaidens eyes as he continued moving forwards. He knew their protocol for these things, and he also knew how to make sure he didn't have to deal with any of the links he left behind. Sever the scientist, and he was free to become the new primary body.

As they reached a significant distance away the soldier in the passenger seat looked at him in confusion as he failed to take the correct turn, ["Sir, you're heading the wrong way. Turn back."] He ordered. Jaiden looked at him and grinned, "Is that so?"
He chuckled to himself as he held the soldiers gun in his hands and reached to keep the steering wheel heading forwards as the drivers body ceased moving from shock. "Idiots." He said to himself looking for the prime moment to take care of the rest of the soldiers who were with the cargo.

He felt the slightest of the shockwave as the generator exploded far beyond them, and could tell he'd hit the scientists body just as anticipated. He'd hit plenty of others no doubt, but it wasn't big enough to get everyone unfortunately. There it is. He thought turning the steering wheel to the side and slamming it into a tree as he leapt from the vehicle into a roll, although he fractured an arm on impact.

Rolling his rifle into his hands but ignoring the pain he rushed to the back of the vehicle and listened, no voices. Nope, wait, there was one. He threw open the back and riddled their heads as fast and efficiently as he could manage. Nobody would be left alive here. He walked back up to the front looking at the drivers body, and firing into his head with a single hit.

"How long have I waited for this hm. To be free again." He smiled, but it was one with only a malicious joy.

It wouldn't take them to long to figure it out, but by the time they did it was far to late. Jaiden had collected information from the truck that he believed useful, and vanished. Leaving no links behind that they could find at least. It would be another month before they even got close to tracking him down, but by the time they'd gotten there he'd already grasped onto the bodies of just the right people. His current primary body, that of Baek Hyeon Ryu, someone who got close to capturing him on his own but didn't quite make it, it was enough to link into yet another agent. And from there escape North Korea altogether.

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