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Realm of the Beast

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1Realm of the Beast Empty Realm of the Beast on Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:17 pm


Realm of the Beast

It is a dimension that exists parallel to Earth, but one that cannot be accessed via ANY MEANS (unless @seamstress allowed it). 45 million years ago, there was an island on Earth. An entity named [Al-Noor] gets banished on this island by his father Lucifer- the right hand of god. He's bound in hellish chains, his soul stripped away and virtually helpless. God assigned an Outer-Guardian to defend the island.

Initially, the island was part of Earth. However, something disastrous occurred. Sion, the 3rd son of Adam and Eve discovered this island, and he sought Al-Noor for its powers. The Outer-Guardian and Sion fought for months, and Sion managed to extract 6 extremely powerful divine sparks out of Al-Noor (out of 7) belonging to his [Heavenly Scroll] and 4 minor sparks.

After this incident, the Outer-Guardian realized that Earth was no longer safe to keep Al-Noor in. The process of Spark Extraction that Sion had used made his body extremely unstable, and it started releasing billions of sparks into the air. These sparks are powers belonging to Al-Noor that contained different kinds of abilities.

Outer-Guardian managed to contain this outbreak by creating an almost infinite dimension around the island, and separated space-and-time around the island.

Over time, the remaining Divine Spark of the Heavenly Scroll emerged from its Master's life-less body, and took form. Thus RotB's Core-Guardian came to be. The Outer-Guardian didn't care what happened within the realm, his only duty was to guard the realm from outside threats. The Core Guardian was free to do whatever he wanted. And he did whatever he wanted. He created a vast continent around the island, billions of kilometers wide, in the shape of a lemniscate with the island at the converging point of the two loops.

Millions and billions of divine sparks escaped its Master's bodies to form life. The Core Guardian shaped and molded the sparks as he saw fit, creating clans, countries and races all the same. He named the continent 'Realm of the Beast'. Every creature born to the realm knew 2 things: 1. The Core Guardian was their omnipotent ruler, 2. They worshiped the being they only knew as 'Master'. And thus, life within the Realm of the Beast began.

Entering and Leaving the realm is strictly not possible per say, however not impossible. For instance, anyone who is not part of Al-Noor in anyway whatsoever cannot enter the realm. There has only been 2 cases where people from the outside world had done so.

1. Four Outsiders: But they were only able to enter the realm because they were the son of 2 of the Divine Sparks extracted by Sion.

2. Master of Imagination: (this is part of the story line that never appears in the Lightning God saga and is therefore irrelevant to Ali): He was only able to enter because Al-Noor's soul was sealed inside his body.

As far as leaving the realm is concerned, a door-way exists in all 8 countries of the realm. The country's king or lord will have to give his consent for anyone to be able to leave the realm.

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2Realm of the Beast Empty Re: Realm of the Beast on Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:23 pm




The Realm of the Beast has 8 countries and a whole lot of desolate landscape. These countries are Shea, Rea, Toroshia, Dominion, Fairy Land, Xonia, Underworld & Elven land.


The Land of the Yggdrasil, of the Mighty. Shea is the smallest of the 8 Nations in the Realm of the Beast, but where the mightiest of its inhabitants live.

Ironhide Clan
The Ironhide clan members are blessed with a powerful outer layer of skin that can morph into various kinds of armors which give them different abilities. They are one of the strongest clans in Shea, its most powerful warriors have hailed from this clan.

Mankhan Clan
Mankhan clan possess 2 distinct bloodlines, the bloodlines that each generation's Celestial and her 7 Oracles possesses. These powers are: Elemental Manipulation and Telepathy. A dark Celestial is born IF the new generations Celestial is born while the older generation's Celestial is living OR if the Celestial spirit is rebirth in a male vessel. Such cases are rare, but not impossible. In such cases, the Celestial spirit must purge the Dark Celestial in order to become full again.

Nightcrawler Clan
This is a clan of teleporters, who has access to a certain dimension via which they can move forward or backward instantly without any time lapse. The amount of time they spend in their own dimension equals to nothing in the realm.

Stalker Clan
The stalker clansmen are descendent's of the dragon clan of Rea. They possess an eye-power called 'Dragon Eye', which allows them to see through various things others cannot.

Outsider Clan
The Outsider clan is the descendents of the Four Outsiders that came to the realm 2000 years ago, and had since populated as a major clan of Shea. They have 5 distinct bloodline abilities: Super strength, Super Speed, Rage, Giant & Lightning.

Castle Clan
The castle's are the survivors of Shean Internal War- the descendants of the Elemental clan. They do not possess a specific bloodline ability, but every few generations, an entity named as Element Lord appears, with shapeshifting abilities, and the power to manipulate the element Earth. They are all inherently born smart, and are all geniuses.

Viper Clan
The Viper clan are also a normal clan by nature, with its people possessing a minor aptitude for Earth Magic. They are excellent swordsmen and very effective in battle. The Viper clan is the largest (by numbers) clan in Shea, with over 3 million members to name.

Diamond Clan
Diamond clan possess an ability similar to Ironhides, where the Diamond clan members can harden their body to the point it is almost impervious to physical damage. However, the clan long died out, with only a single survivor remaining in it. He's now married to a girl from the Black Dragon tribe of the Dragon clan and has a son who possess his clan's bloodline ability.


Rea falls to the east of Shea- and occupies its entire eastern border. Home to the Savage Dragon, Rea is known as the second strongest nation in the entire realm. It's the home of the Dragons and the Golems.

Dragon Clan
The Dragon Clan of Rea is the dominating clan of the nation, with no room for other clans to have any say in how the country should run. You can say it is a dictatorship. The Dragon clan possess bloodlines that give them abilities close to Dragons- and there are many wide varieties of abilities.

Sentient beings made of a myriad of elements, the Golems mostly exist as their own kingdom, rarely letting even the Dragon clan from approaching them. They are certainly a powerful and mysterious clan that dominates their own territory.


Toroshia is a land of snow, ice and mountains. They live North of Shea, and is arguably the biggest nation in

Mayan Civilization
Toroshians live under one giant banner called the Mayan clan. They have tribes below it.

Bear Tribe
The Bear tribe is one of the strongest extensions of Mayan Civilization, and its ruling tribe. Long ago, it was the predecessor of the Bear tribe that massacred across the mountains as he united everyone in Toroshia under one mighty clan. The tribesmen would come to call him 'Bear God Moog'. Even to this day, King of the Bear Tribe is by default the King of Toroshia.

Bear tribesman have a unique bloodline ability, one that allows them to resist extremely cold temperatures, and its members can turn into Bears- Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, Pandas... various kinds of bears.


Dominion is located across the ocean - west of Shea. Home of trolls, werewolves, orcs, vampires, and all manners of Dark Creatures, Dominion is an inhospitable place for the other residents of the realm. Emperor Deagon is a vampire and the ruler of Dominion. Unlike the others of his kind, he has no weakness to daylight.

(I will give more details in a separate post explaining all these bloodline abilities)

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Myths & Legends

Since the advent of time immemorial, there has been quite a few legends in the realm. Legends are born of powerful people who dominate the continent with might and valor.

Five Heavenly Kings
The Heavenly Kings are a relatively new breed of legends. They were only formed during the [Apocalyptic Shean War] (60 years prior to the birth of Ali Outsider). This was a war in which the countries, Rea, Toroshia & Dominion waged war against Shea in order to annihilate the country. However, Shea being the strongest nation in the realm, naturally withstood such an enormous assault. However, four extremely powerful warriors were vested titles by the Core Guardian for the strength that they had shown.

Emperor Deagon

Emperor Deagon, or Deagon Rove served as the Overlord of Dominion during the invasion. He was someone who could topple mountains and crack earth with a single blow. He commanded the 12 Dreadlords of Chaos and marched across the Great Abysmal Sea to attack Shea from it's western shoreline. On that day, during his fight with The Abomination, they actually shook the entire realm with the powerful blows they dealt each other.

Savage Dragon

The strongest of the five Heavenly Kings, it took the combined might of The Abomination, White Grizzly, Khan and Emperor Deagon to best this monster. He can absolutely shatter a few worlds with a single punch.

White Grizzly

Born to the Bear faction of the Mayan clan, White Grizzly, even before becoming a Heavenly King, was renowned for his ferociousness and merciless nature in battle. He served as a general in the Apocalyptic Shean War, where he'd lead hordes of his clansmen and lightning Dragons down their mountaineous slopes and into Shea from the North.

The Abomination

Real Name: Maniku, is a giant from the Giant's faction of the outsider clan in Shea, with monstrous amounts of strength in his arsenal. He is an extremely terrifying foe who held off Emperor Daegon in the war 60 years prior to Ali's birth.


Khan is also a Shean, born to the Mankhan clan- he is the only being in the realm to have ever mastered all the elements.

Four Outsiders
The four Outsiders are something of a legend in the realm of the beast. They arrived 2000 years prior to Ali's birth, after drifting across space-time from world to world for millions of years- effectively immortal beings all at star-shattering level. They arrived at Shea and settled down. They'd come at a time of strife, in whats called the [Shean Internal War]. This war happened to decide which alliance would get to rule Shea in its future.

The clans: Nightcrawler, Stalker and Mankhan were on one side while Ironhide, Viper clan and the Elementals were on the other. The power struggle was fairly even. That is until the Four Outsiders came in. They shifted the power between the 2 groups, leading to the Mankhan winning. As a reward, the Core Guardian allocated the entire gene-pool of the Elementals clan to the four Outsider brothers, establishing them within Shea.

The Four brothers had different powers they brought to the realm:

The Eldest of the four brothers the Lightning God had the power of Lightning. He was the strongest of the four. (Ali is the reincarnation of this individual. But he has nowhere close to Lightning God's power, because its long been sealed by the core guardian in order to prevent an imbalance of power. This is the core guardian's way of keeping order and preventing chaos from breaking out. After being supressed, Lightning God only had the power to maybe destroy a planet of Earth's size.) Perfect was a physical monstrosity. He was strong, and fast. He could circle the entire realm within the matter of seconds at full speed. His speed was only rivaled by his eldest brother in [God-mode]. Giant had the power of Earth itself, and could draw power from it. While the four were all immortal, Giant could recover from almost any wound, even if he was reduced to dust. He could grow up to 60 feet, and since he channeled power from Earth, could enact strength close to his unrestrained self, even while being sealed. Rage Fiend was the youngest of the 4, but had an extremely terrifying ability. His power allowed him to surpass his limits to unimaginable heights. This made the Rage Fiend a dreaded opponent for anyone he faced. His tough hide comperable to Ironhides meant he could also last longer in battle, and the longer he lasted, the deadlier he became.

(there's an entire plot/story to how the four outsiders ingrain into Shea, and the capital city, but I won't explain it here...for now)

Beera is a powerful telepath born to Mankhan clan, and a Dark Celestial. He is capable of controlling other Dark Celestials as well as other powerful beings effortlessly, while having driven mad by Celestial Seven Star (Ali's mother). He is sole progenitor of the [Outsider Annihilation Event], while theoretically being unable to use any power at all. His threat was great enough that the core guardian intervened, making sure he can never again be reborn.

**Ali is significant to the entire story line, because his saga [The Lightning God] is the first story going into the Realm of the Beast**

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Bloodline Abilities

This post will concern details of bloodline abilities possessed by some of the key clans in the whole story line. Profound details of these abilities must be given in another thread. Too much information for one I think.

Bear Physique
One of my most favorite abilities in the entire realm is the Bear Physique. This bloodline grands the Bear tribesmen of the Mayan clan enhanced physical strength and resistance to cold. They are big and muscular by birth, and can grow to the peak of 6 feet in height. By birth, bear spirits, Panda, Grizzly, Polar and Black inhibits their bodies, to be brought forth later on in life.

Bear Physique has three forms:

Form 1- Bear Claws: Entering this form allows the Bear tribesmen to undergo a transformation where their arms grows thicker and thick fur covers these arms. Individuals based on what their bear spirit is has different arms, with the polar bear and grizzly bear claws being the strongest.
Form 2- Half transformation: Second stage of transformation for Bear tribesmen, in this form, the tribesmen have their limbs (arms & legs) transform into bear form, but they are able to move like a biped.
Form 3- Full Bear mode: The Bear tribesmen is able to transform into a Bear.

Diamond Meld
This is the bloodline ability of the Diamond clan. They are able to manipulate the mineral Diamond from Earth and mold it for various defensive and offensive application. Those of the diamond clan becomes high tier powerhouses even if they don't train a single day in their life, and can contend with low-tier planet busting level power houses.

Rage Fiend
This is the bloodline ability of the Rage Mage faction of the outsider clan. It is an aura-flame ability (similar to DWF in KHR) that covers the entire body when activated. It gives the user massive amounts of speed and power depending on the type of flame. Known flame aura types: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, White, Purple and Black- in the order weakest to strongest.

The more you use this ability, the greater the chance that you will go out of control. The rage fiend ability uses a person's rage as fuel to activate and sustain itself. It puts stress on the brain where the user is kept in that state of rage for prolonged periods of time.

Ironhide is the bloodline limit of the Ironhide clan members. The Ironhide is an extra layer of super tough skin that is oily black which covers an Ironhide from head to toe. The skin is tough to behold, and almost impervious to attacks, but for themselves, the skin is as normal as any other, i.e: it does not exhibit the toughness of armors when they want to move their arms or legs or when they want to scratch an itch. The ironhides primarily look like this

Dragon Eye
The bloodline limit of the Stalker clan, it is a cousin to the Dragon bloodline of Rea; the Stalkers can awaken an eye-power that gives them insight into various aspects of nature and things around them. They are renowned warriors, and can use their bloodline ability to even win against the tough Ironhides.

Dimensional Blink
This is the ability of the Nightcrawler clan (I know the concept is not very original but hey- I go with whatever feels right) of Shea. They can teleport.

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Character Creation Template

So, I'm opening the world officially for CC submission and subsequent event & location creation. You will have to of course, let me know via PM and we will discuss on the location creation You can be as creative as you want. However, there are some rules:


[list="box-sizing: border-box; outline: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 20px; margin-left: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-left: 40px; list-style-position: initial; list-style-image: initial; color: rgb(44, 46, 48); font-family: -apple-system,"]
[*]You can't create a character for one of the prominent clans with a unique bloodline ability (however you can have any manner of acquirable abilities- cyborg enhancements for instance)
[*]You can create clans for any of the countries within the universe.
[*]Core Guardian (me) decides the terms and when you can war with other countries.
[*]Powers above Earth busting level is greatly depowered by the Core-Guardian. For every bit of strength exceeding Earth-busting tier, a power reduction percentage of 99% is applied.
[*]Every manner of creature in rotb has a "power core" as his/her/it's ability base.
[*]Creatures born in the realm know 2 things: Core Guardian is the all-powerful emperor of the realm. The Master is who they worship

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