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The Conspiracy (Team/Organization).

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1The Conspiracy (Team/Organization).  Empty The Conspiracy (Team/Organization). on Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:19 am

The Conspiracy (Team/Organization).  46419110
"Welcome to the conspiracy."

The Conspiracy is a group of villains. 

They wouldn't self-apply that term, of course, but it happens to be the most accurate one available. Not criminals, for they are not all wanted by law enforcement, but villains nonetheless. A consortium of powerful people who've pooled their considerable resources to become the largest group of 'villains' in the northern hemisphere.

Using their members' influence, wealth, and skills, the Conspiracy has put footholds in every major American city, as well as much of South America and Canada. They're also looking to expand into Central America and Europe, with some cells attempting to supplant local gangs and groups, to differing amounts of success.

The Conspiracy employs a number of retainers besides its full members, including assassins, accountants, and simple mechanics.

To become a member of the Conspiracy, you must have at least one existing member vouch for you, or otherwise prove your worth and trustworthiness to the group. 


The Conspiracy is led by four people. Not the same four people, the upper echelon's membership is as fluid as the wine they drink, but the number remains the same. They each have equal sway in all matters, and when disputes are had, they conduct a blind vote. In ties, a neutral third party is brought in to tie-break.

Assassinations and intrigue are commonplace among the tetrarchy of leaders, but never out of true malice. Rather, they have each other killed simply to advance their agendas, and expect in turn to be killed themselves.

The only player-controlled leader of the Conspiracy (so far) is Jason C. Pendragon, a wealthy businessman from New York.

The Pantheon (Conspiracy HQ)

The Conspiracy (Team/Organization).  Spectr11

Located in the northern United Kingdom, the Pantheon is the central headquarters of the Conspiracy. When full meetings are called, the web of agents and affiliates converges upon the Pantheon, where the so-called gods of the Conspiracy hold court.


  • Seattle.

(More of these when there are more locations in the universe.)

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2The Conspiracy (Team/Organization).  Empty Re: The Conspiracy (Team/Organization). on Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:10 pm

Paris, France.

Pendragon was waiting for someone.

He'd arranged a meeting with one of his colleagues in the 'Conspiracy,' in the interest of arranging something. For the location, he'd chosen one of their many safe-houses. He'd always liked the one in Paris. There was a lovely view of the Seine. 

There was also a very good vantage point across the street, from where a sniper could cover the room. Pendragon had contacted one of his most trusted men to cover that position. Waiting with him were two bodyguards, both wearing suits only a cut below his. There was a guard at the door as well, but not one working for Pendragon directly. Rather, that man was employed by the Conspiracy as a whole, and wouldn't take a side in any one conflict.

Well, in theory. Pendragon has a lot of money, and the guard isn't a scrupulous one.

These precautions aren't part of some kind of trap. The tetrarch has no intention of killing anyone. But he's mortal, and he likes to take precautions.

He sits at the room's sole desk, though facing away from it. Reading emails on his phone. The meeting was set for seven o'clock. It's six fifty-seven.

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