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The Eleventh (bio).

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The Eleventh (bio). Art3mi10


Name: Alana.
AKA: Sweet Dream, 11, the Vitriolic Valkyrie.
Height: 5'8.
Weight (without enhancements): 190 lbs.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Brown.
Identity: Secret.
Affiliations: The Court, the Cadre.


Alana, the Eleventh, is a killer.
She was not always this way. She was born into a normal life, for the most part, though she has left any semblance of 'normality' behind long ago. To hear her tell it, she first started to become 'other' when she realize that most people were simple actors, playing a part they thought society expected of them. She decided not to allow this to happen to her- she would be exceptional.
This desire to rise above mundanity led her to the doorstep of the Court. They took her in, and molded her raw talent into a refined weapon. She became the Eleventh, enhancing her body and mind with cybernetics, even as her own mutant abilities began to manifest. She learned under the Court's greatest teachers, becoming the favored pupil of many.
For a time, she remained a loyal agent of the Court, eventually earning a position on their elite Justiciars. There was fulfillment in that, for her, but eventually she felt compelled to seek more. That more came in the form of the Cadre, an exclusive, invitation-only group of outlaws and renegades that only accepts the very best.


Alana's most distinguishing feature is the scar on her face, earned in a confrontation with the Court's Twenty-First. Though he left a mark on her, she ultimately prevailed in that fight.
Her hair is kept short, so as not to be a liability in combat. Her clothing generally consists of a light set of body armor, light 'casual' clothing, heavier body armor, a vest, and then a concealing jacket or coat. Her clothing choices are almost purely utilitarian, with the vest and jacket always containing a number of pockets and compartments, which she uses to conceal weapons, equipment, and other supplies.
The Valkyrie uses her mutant ability passively to prevent people from properly remembering her appearance, allowing her to keep a 'secret identity' despite eschewing the mask.

Mutation- Neuromancy.

Alana's 'm-gene' mutation is what earned her the moniker of Sweet Dream. She has a form of telepathy, which allows her to influence others' perception of reality. She can skim the surface thoughts of those with unguarded minds, but her true talent is illusions. The images she creates aren't merely images, they stimulate all five senses- in essence, if she created the illusion of a human, someone seeing it would be able to 'touch' it. Not because it was physically there, but because their nerves would be artificially stimulated by Alana's power.
Conversely, Alana can render objects 'invisible,' by making it unobservable to the senses. Though it takes some effort, Alana can create incredibly detailed illusions that turn people against their friends, making them think they're being attacked. Other past uses have been manifesting an illusory wall in front of a driver, causing them to brake hard in the middle of a highway, making an enemy's friend look like herself, causing him to shoot his friend, and creating an illusory bridge across a chasm, leading to three men walking of the edge.
Psychologically, this is an interesting case. Alana always felt she was different- it's what compelled her to joint he Court. But when she traps everyone around her in a hyper-realistic illusion that only she knows is fake, she feels more real that them.


Though Alana doesn't have any full limb-replacement cybernetics, her body has been augmented past the natural limits of both human and mutant. Her eyes are enhanced with wired-in lenses, which wirelessly connect to her brain implants, allowing her to process visual information hundreds of times faster than normal- giving her inhuman reaction times. Furthermore, the lenses have augmented-reality applications, projecting a HUD ('heads-up display') and GUI ('graphic user interface') screen when necessary.
On a deeper level, Alana's bones are reinforced with a carbon-fiber weave, making them significantly harder to break, and increasing the efficiency of her blows by 30%. The material actually makes her bones lighter, not heavier, by an impressive margin, making the Valkyrie faster in armor than most olympians.
Wired directly into Alana's brain is a complex cybernetic implant that connects to her other implants, and enmeshes with the changes in her brain made by her mutation, allowing the implant to 'interface' with her illusion abilities.
Alana has a number of bio-tech implants in her arms, including a different weapon on each arm. On her left, she has a retractable hand-spur, which is built into a thin metal plate on her arm. It doesn't actually come out of her skin, but appears to, as the metal plate, though attached, is indistinguishable from her actual skin. The blade is long, but only extends a few inches beyond her wrist, meaning it requires very close range to use. On the right arm, Alana has a similar plate, with a monofilament whip that hides in her arm, with a similar metal plate so she doesn't have to rip open her skin every time she wants to use one of these weapons. The whip is incredibly sharp, able to slice through armor, flesh, and bone with equal ease. Both weapons are extended and retracted with a thought, the mechanisms controlled by Alana's cranial implant.


The Eleventh (bio). Su-1610Alana's collapsible rifle is designed to fit into a medium-sized bag, stowed and retrieved for use at a moment's notice. She tends to keep it in her 'bug-out bag,' rarely bringing it into combat scenarios by choice.
The bullet caliber is mid-range, not armor piercing, but strong enough to shatter bone easily. The gun isn't as top-of-the-line as the rest of her gear, but it's practical enough. It has an effective range of 900 yards, a little under average for a rifle of this kind.
Hidden inside the many pockets and pouches of her tactical vest and jacket, Alana keeps a number of different knives. Her thigh sheath holds the largest of the bunch, a bowie knife, while she has a butterfly knife in her vest, another knife in her jacket sleeve, and a short machete in her bag.
Alana keeps the blades sharp, often occupying her hands when idle by sharpening her knives. This occasionally unnerves people.
[th]Dual Smart-Linked Handguns.[/th]
The Eleventh (bio). De1c7b10Kept in hip-holsters at almost all times, Alana's pistols are high-caliber weapons. The grips feature a DNA-recognition sensor array that automatically links to her cranial and ocular implants, enhancing her aim with them.
The guns automatically jam themselves when handled by people other than Alana, and can be located if lost through a global-positioning-system chip inside the gun.
[th]Bug-Out Bag.[/th]
The Eleventh (bio). 18872810Generally kept at wherever the Cadre is currently staying, though found on Alana's back more often than she'd like, her bug-out bag contains all the essentials for basic survival, should she need to stay off the grid for some time.
Besides a simple backup handgun and her collapsible rifle, Alana keeps a short machete, hatchet, and hand-axe in the bag, both for combat and hunting. Furthermore, she has several multi-tools, a trowel, and a collapsible tent for camping.
Alana also packs a number of water-purification tablets, vitamin supplements, and thermoses, one for hot drinks and one for water. She uses disposable lighters, as well as matches, keeping tea leaves for making tea, should she feel the need. Always on hand are baggies full of around $1000 in a dozen international currencies.
Though Alana normally wears a jacket, she also has a heavier coat packed, and a space blanket, for particularly cold nights. Attached to the exterior of the bag is a small sleeping bag, and a coil of fifty feet of rope.
In the bag's outer pouches are a number of smaller items- flashlights, batteries, bug repellent, mace and pepper spray, and carabiners.
When it comes to food, Alana is prepared to hunt, but she also has meal bars, trail mixes, and small cans of food that can be easily warmed.

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