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Jason Pendragon (Bio).

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1Jason Pendragon (Bio). Empty Jason Pendragon (Bio). on Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:01 pm

Jason Pendragon.

Name: Jason Pendragon.

AKA: The Dragon.

Height: 5'9.

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Brown.

Identity: Public (illegal parts kept secret).

Affiliations: The Conspiracy.


The Dragon's early life was relatively unremarkable. He grew up in the economic upper 5%, affluent and apathetic, until he was sixteen. A chance encounter with the unexplainable led him to realize that there was more to life than wealth. This sparked a quest for power, and understanding, that never truly ended for him. Along the way, he gained some of the power he sought, until he was able to secure himself a position on the Conspiracy's tetrarchy of leaders.

Pendragon is a magus of no small power, though his personal magical ability is quite limited. He had no special gift for the arcane, instead amassing power through forbidden sacrificial rituals, and mystically imbued artifacts. Coupled with his wealth, he is a titan in both the world of men and the world of monsters.


The Bodyguard.

Pendragon has a number of hitmen and assassins on retainer, and more on file for special purposes. Most are hired through intermediaries or hell companies, and never know enough to implicate Pendragon. He employs bodyguards in his public life, but none of them know of his true identity. The Dragon only trusts one man to guard his life in truth- the Deadeye.

The man known as Deadeye is a sniper by trade, but he's as lethal with a pencil as he is with a rifle. Possessing enhanced aim, courtesy of Pendragon's applied science division, the ex-military man was recruited by Pendragon when he was just starting out. He had been an inhumanly lethal sniper in the military, before being discharged after a head wound caused him to be unable to aim. Pendragon fixed that, with a little magic to heal the wound, and a cybernetic adjustment to bring Deadeye's aim to new heights.

Now the costumed man keeps Pendragon in his sights, protecting him from all manner of danger.

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