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The Den (Team Location).

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 The Den.

The Den (Team Location). Paint310
The Cadre- a team of outlaws, renegades, and killers, united by common cause. 
When they're not off felling monsters or toppling governments, they return to their Den. 
Built from the hollowed-out shell of a KGB facility in the Ukraine, the Den is a mix of bleeding-edge technology and anachronistic, retro-fittted Cold War-era tech.

The entrance to the Den is a nondescript patch of land in a wholly uninhabited area, not far from the Chernobyl nuclear zone. A sealed metal hatch is the only thing between a potential intruder and the Den's secrets- that, and however many members of the Cadre are home at the time. 


  • 30,000 square feet.

  • 12 bedrooms; 18 bathrooms.

  • Fully-equipped Olympic gymnasium, with adjoining locker room.

  • Modified Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer, nicknamed "Minerva."

  • 2,000 foot sparring facility and obstacle course.

  • Armory- over seven hundred weapons, from swords to sniper rifles. Twelve million rounds of ammunition.

  • Expansive medical facility, capable of treating any severity of injury.

  • Indoor twenty-lane shooting range.

  • Bleeding-edge laboratory, with chemical and forensic analysis.

  • The 'common room,' a communal space with several televisions, and a very large liquor cabinet.
  • A 'situation room' for briefings and mission prep.
  • Six kitchens.

  • Three dining rooms.

  • Soundproofed walls.

  • Extremely fast wi-fi.

Den- Interior.:

The Den (Team Location). Pe4ek610
The Den (Team Location). System10
The Den (Team Location). F51da810
The Den (Team Location). Uppuqc10
The Den (Team Location). F0f0dd10

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