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The Nameless (Bio).

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1The Nameless (Bio). Empty The Nameless (Bio). on Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:40 am

(I should make an alt for this guy, but I'll throw up a bio for now.)

"If you need a legacy or a lineage to make a name for yourself, what good are you?"

The Nameless (Bio). Dsk4_510

The Blade-Runner
∮Alias: ---
∮Height: 5'7.
∮Weight: 190 lbs.
∮Eyes: Hazel.
∮Hair: Black.
∮Species: Human.
∮Affiliation/Alignment: None.
∮Identity: Nonexistent.
∮Gender: Male.
∮Family: Irrelevant.
Fighting Style: Nameless Ninjutsu.

The First Virtue is simple. In order to strike, you must first learn not to be struck.
The Nameless Master
The first month of his training consisted of one simple thing. The Nameless Master struck him six times in the face, in the same form and pattern. When he was but a learner, the blows seemed too fast to see, much less block. Nevertheless, he tried. And once he managed to successfully evade the blows, he was deemed ready for proper training. He had grasped for First Virtue.
Now, when he fights, the shinobi employs a similar strategy, if one that involves less pain. He evades the enemy before attacking, gauging their style of fighting, and plotting a physical countermeasure. Even against the most skilled opponents, it's often a simple matter to stay just out of striking distance.
Against the extranormally-enhanced, it's harder. They often have the ability to strike at blistering speeds, or from afar. Thus, the Second Virtue.
The Second Virtue is patience. If you must be hurt, make the pain mean something.
In his training, the shinobi was made to take his share of blows. He became accustomed to being covered in bruises, not being able to move without aching. Never more than surface damage, in the end, but pain nonetheless.
When he must be hurt in the course of his travels, he mitigates the damage with armor. This isn't always sufficient to stop some superhumans, though. In that case, he must simply roll with the blows.

Acrobatic Artistry.
The Nameless (Bio). Ozyman10


Arsenal of the Contemporary Classic
The 'Wingman' sidearm.

The Nameless (Bio). Danny-10The Classic's smallest weapon is the 'Wingman,' a tiny sidearm he wears on his lower thigh, the holster connected to his utility belt. It fires low-caliber rounds, designed for only the weakest of enemies, but has virtually zero recoil. The Wingman sees the most use against unpowered, unimportant enemies, serving a dual purpose as a fallback gun, when all else fails.

Twinned Modular Pistols.
The two simple silver guns carried at the shinobi's side seem rather mundane. Hi-tech, to be sure, but nothing particularly special. They fire hollow-point armor-piercing rounds, built for punching through the heaviest of body armor. Furthermore, together the two guns are capable of connecting, with a few minor adjustments, and forming a rifle. The only significant distance between the mode of fire is the rate, and the range.

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