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Dawn City (Location).

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1Dawn City (Location). Empty Dawn City (Location). on Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:57 am

Dawn City (Location). Batman10
The Neo-Noir Nightmare.

(I'm gonna make this an actual thread, I promise. I just need to have it out there, to properly motivate me to finish it. Expect edits randomly.)

Founded in 1704, Dawn City is widely regarded as being the most crime-ridden city in the United States. Systemic corruption, from the Mayor's office down to beat cops, means that when criminals are arrested, they're back on the streets in a week. However, it's also home to a number of large corporations, causing a great disparity in wealth among its citizens. The lower half are in often extreme poverty, forcing them to turn to crime, while the upper half live in massive towers and play with the lives of those below. 

Dawn City is built on the New York/New Jersey state line, Dawn City is out of the legal jurisdiction of both states, meaning all legal proceedings must be handled within the city's horribly corrupt court system.

As a general rule, the police are corrupt, cowardly, or incompetent, and will gladly accept bribes from villains, or hunt down vigilantes and turn them in for rewards.


Dawn City (Location). Tumblr10

Dawn City is built on three main islands, connected by bridges. The rivers between them are filthy, though a massively underfunded project technically exists to clean them up. The first island is where the upper echelon lives- Pendragon Tower, the Comcast building, and the townhouses of the wealthy and powerful. People who work here work white-collar jobs, and crime is low compared to the other two islands. [Include a section about the second island here.] The final island is a heavily industrialized area, with shipyards and factories dominating the area. Apartment buildings that are barely a step up from tenements are the most common place for people here to live, and crime is frequent, though it's mostly lower-class people victimizing other lower-class people. The city's crime families recruit from these people, as 'minions,' or simple muscle. 

Notable People


The Conspiracy's Jason Pendragon operates publicly out of Dawn City, with his company's tower but one of many in the skyline. 


The Black Knight's home is Dawn City, and he operates in secret there, mostly dealign with low-level crime.

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2Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:00 am


This is actually very hype. I definitely want to write a thing here.

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3Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:02 pm

I'm glad you think so ^_^

Of course, knowing you, you'll put up one post and then never do anything here again -_-


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4Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:03 pm

The South Dawn steel mill is probably the worst place in Dawn City to work.For one, the conditions are abysmal, with at least five deaths every month. For another, it’s owned by the third-largest crime family in Dawn City, the Carcanis. This means that the conditions will never improve, for it’ll always be cheaper to pay off safety inspectors and hire replacements than to fix the rusting factory.

All that will change soon... but not tonight. I don’t have the resources to take on the Carcani family. Yet. Tonight, I take the first steps towards rectifying that. Because right now, my equipment consists of a smartphone, a half-useless grapnel gun, and my stolen costume. My most useful weapons are my fists, and my enemies all have weapons that could end my crusade in an instant. This factory has what I need to even the odds. All I have to do is get past the guards.

Carcani doesn’t do anything overtly illegal here, but he likes his security, even in his more legitimate enterprises. The guards are all armed. Two carry pistols, the other three just have nightsticks. My target is below them, but it’ll take time, and be highly visible. I can’t risk letting them catch me unawares, so I strike first.

I took the roof entrance in, so I have the advantage of height to begin with. They’re patrolling metal walkways, above the molten metal I’m here for. I start with the one closest to me. Directly underneath where I’m perched, as it happens. I drop down behind the man, making a quiet ‘clang’ noises as my boots hit the metal. He turns, but I’m faster than him. I place a hand over his mouth, hooking my arm over his to prevent him from moving. The other hand, I place on his holstered gun, preventing him from getting a shot off. As he struggles futilely, I slide it out of the holster, and toss it down, into the molten metal. Hands both free, I then slam his head into the metal railing. Hard enough to render him unconscious, but not anywhere near lethal, or permanently damaging. Moderation is key.

The clock’s started ticking. There’s no way they didn’t hear that, and I get confirmation by the sound of batons being snapped out to their full length, and the safety on the remaining gun being clicked off. They’ll come investigate the noise, so I’ll circle around behind them. I can hear one on the walkway below me. I wait until he’s past, and swing over the railing, onto his level. He’s heading up the stairs, so I reach up and pull his leg though the gap between stairs. He cries out in alarm, falling. I don’t have much time, so I rush up the stairs and disable him, with a swift blow to the neck. He’s holding a baton, which I relieve him of. A non-lethal weapon.

By now, it’s evident to the remaining three that they’re under attack. One tells the other two to split off, and find me. Not smart.

I fire the grapnel towards the ledge I’d been perched on when I entered. Its motor lacks the strength to properly pull me, so I use it like a climber’s rope, ‘walking’ up the wall. Once I’m on the perch, I survey the scene. I’ll go for the armed one last. He’s on alert now, and I’m not entirely sure the suit can take a shot from that caliber of bullet. More to the point, this isn’t the time to test it. One of the men with batons is on the lowest level, near the furnace. I hook the grapnel into the ledge, and rappel down quietly, stolen baton held in my other hand. I come up behind him, and put him in a choke-hold with the baton. He passes out from lack of oxygen, and I let him fall to the ground.

Maybe it’s time to put some fear into them. Ideally, I’d have some way of projecting my voice, but that’s very far down my little ‘shopping list’ of equipment. Instead, I just raise my voice. “Lay down your weapons and I’ll let you leave with your bones in one piece.”

They hesitate. The remaining one with the baton is closest to me, so he turns towards where my voice came from. I leap forwards, hands gripping the edges of my cape. I can’t get it to extend like bat-wings just yet, so I have to do it manually. Thankfully, it has the desired effect. He doesn’t even raise his weapon, he’s paralyzed with fear. I kick him in the chest as I swoop down, and steady myself with one hand. He hits the railing, and I deliver a blow with the heel of my hand to his nose. I feel it break. He goes down.

One left.

I can’t see the one with the gun. I hear footsteps, indistinct. Behind me, I realize, too late.

It happens almost in slow motion. He rounds the corner, gun raised, and pulls the trigger at the mere sight of me. Pure reflex. I try to twist out of the path of the bullet, a second before it’s fired. It hits anyways. Center mass. I’m protected by the kevlar vest underneath my suit, thankfully, but it still makes me scream in pain. Like getting hit by a truck. I fall backwards, purely thanks to the impact, and he approaches, cautiously. The gun is pointed at my head, now.

I reach for the baton. Gone. I must have dropped it when I went down, without even realizing. The guard comes closer. I don’t move, control my breathing. He bends down, his guard lowers. I look dead. Then, I move. My right arm, first. I grab his wrist, and twist it. His turn to scream, now. He drops the gun, and I stand shakily. I release his now-broken wrist, and backhand him across the face. He coughs up some blood. I grab his gun up off the walkway, and strike him over the head with it. He falls unconscious.

I fumble for the grapnel gun, use it to rappel down to the ground. Still holding the pistol. I toss it at the molten metal. I watch it sink in, melt away. Then I get to work.

Out of the pouches on my belt, I remove several lengths of metal. Like bullet casings, but wider. I begin to fill them with the molten metal. Carefully. Cautiously. Painstakingly slowly. It takes almost four hours.

Twice, I hear the guards stir. I go back and smack them again. When I’m done, I have two dozen of the shuriken. The traditional design, four-pointed stars. None of them are anywhere near cooled, but the material the casings are built with will prevent them from fusing. I’ll stick them in my freezer when I get home.

Now I have weapons. The odds are closer to being even.

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5Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:39 am

The night is silent, as I finish the third circuit of this patrol route. One assault, two muggings at knifepoint. A slow night, around these parts.

“Please! Oh god, please! Somebody help!”

The high-pitched scream carries over the rooftops. I start running, brushing past some satellite dishes and vaulting over a radiator. Damn my lack of fast transportation.

Another mugging. This time at gunpoint. I hook my grappling hook into the fire escape below me, and use it to rappel down to the ground. I land in front of the the victim of the mugging, a middle-aged woman.

“Run,” I growl. She takes my advice. The mugger doesn’t. He keeps his gun trained on me, but doesn’t fire. He looks scared. Good.

I rush him, before he can fire. Twist the gun out of the way, and punch him in the gut. Toss the gun to the ground, slam him against the wall with both hands. Headbutt directly to the nose. Disabled. 24 seconds.

Sirens. The woman called the police, perhaps.

A police car pulls into the alleyway, and two officers step out. Guns raised. They don’t even bother pointing their weapons at the mugger- their eyes are on me. I back away from the unconscious man, and try to placate them.

“Officers, I’m not the aggressor here. This man was attempting to--”

The one on the right cuts me off. “I’m afraid we don’t care.” He takes the time to cock his gun dramatically, giving me a crucial few seconds to reach down to my belt. Hey don’t seem to notice. “John Carcani sends his regards.”

They open fire. So do I.

First, I toss a shuriken at the rightwards one. It impacts in the back of his hand, and he screams. The other one starts shooting, and I throw myself out of the way. His aim is poor, thankfully. The last thing I need is a bullet wound. The recoil from his first shot gives me a slight opportunity. He’s stunned by the noise, clearly not having worn earbuds. I, on the other hand, have my helmet to help with that. He falls to the ground, when I hit him in the arm with a second shuriken.

I close the distance, while they’re still disabled. The first one has removed my shuriken from his hand, and stood. He takes a swing at me, but he’s unsteady, what with the hand-wound. I duck out of the way, and slam his head into the hood of the car. The other, I kick in the ribs.

Damn. It’ll do nothing for my public image to be seen as assaulting two cops, and i can’t very well testify in court that they were dirty. I suppose there’s always the hope that they didn’t think to disable their cameras somehow.

A quick check confirms I’m not that lucky, so I simply zip-tie them together, retrieve my shuriken, and leave a calling-card next to the unconscious forms.

Perhaps there’s still some actual benefit that can come from this.

I duck inside their car, and take a glance at the dashboard. A quick look shows me what I want. The radio. I pull a knife from my belt, and set to work.

After a few minutes, I’ve carefully extracted the police scanner from the car. It’ll take some doing, to wire it into my helmet, but it might be helpful in preventing future incidents like this.

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6Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:09 am

(Open to rp

Every city has it's word or phrase. Corruption is the word for Dawn City. Ironic, considering the name. Dawn. The dawn of a new day may be seen as a new beginning, but here might be the reason some people need new beginnings. Jaiden thought as he used James Rodrigo to stride the streets with face he considered disposable.
Dawn City (Location). 6952350af0e5077eb3e7cdeb5334af46--white-hair-black-hair
He breathed in and snarled at the stinch, covering his nose, Even normals can smell this but what I'm subjected to is the odor of Hell with this kids sense of smell. He thought irritated before his eyes darted down an alley as a different scent reached him. He walked down it his eyes dropping on the reason why it was there. A man carrying a briefcase entered the side door of the building. Jaiden kept moving, the door not halting his persistence. He wrapped a cloth around his face and, with a feat of superhuman strength, sent the door crashing down. He rushed forwards grabbing the mans color only to notice the many others in the room, so he pulled the guy back gripping his throat to use him as a human shield.

"Drugs. You're ruining people's lives here, and it disgusts me." He hissed,

"Well screw you." The man he was holding said whipping out a knife and stabbing at his stomach backhanded. Jaiden through him across the room and into one of the others, immediately three pistols were trained on him and started firing.

Jaiden had moved across the room in an instant, red streams leaking out from behind him as he moved with superhuman grace and fluidity, the streams, bent and curved to halt the bullets before lashing out against the guns sending them flying across the room.

Jaiden stood up and cocked his head as he watched their eyes fill with fear, "You're...a monster."

"Maybe, but not because of this." He said leaping forwards and sending the men sprawling across the room, "If this was any other city I might tie you up to leave you for the cops. As it is, I don't trust them to do their jobs. So...I guess the Grim Reaper gets a few more acquaintances tonight."

One by one Jaiden walked towards each of them, prepared to stab every last one of them before he'd leave.

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7Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:57 am

@Jaiden Logic

The Black Knight observed the man wearing James Roderigo's skin, as he made his way into a bad part of town. He entered a building the Knight had been observing for some time, and the Knight observed, through a window. He didn't intervene, as Logic disabled the room's inhabitants. 

Seems he's no fan of drug dealers either. 

But Logic didn't simply destroy their product. He took a blade, and began to advance on the cowering criminals.


The Knight fired his grapnel just above the window, and leap off of the rooftop he'd been perched on, swinging through the window. He used his cape to keep the shattered glass from harming him, as he entered. 
Dawn City (Location). D47ea710

The Bloody Bat's intent, as he intervened, was to deliver a kick to Logic's face, before he could react.

He's strong, and fast. I don't stand much of a chance against him, with just shuriken, if he can dodge bullets with ease. But if I don't stop him, people will die.

Regardless of whether his kick hit or not, the Knight would execute a three-point landing, and draw a KA-BAR combat knife from his utility belt. 

"You want to operate in my city? Fine. There's just one rule." 

"Everyone lives."

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8Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:48 am

Jaiden's ears perked up before the window actually shattered, he could hear the grapnel launched and it was clearly out of the ordinary for the area, it alerted him to be worried of his surroundings and he stepped back finding the shattered glass obscuring his view and instinctively lifting his arms to protect his eyes. Although he felt the impact was feet, rather then glass, against his arms, carrying a lot more force behind it as well. He was launched backwards and down and used the hemokinetic tendrils to push himself back onto his feet before cocking his head towards the Black Knight readjusting the cloth around his face which now for once had his own blood on it which had dripped from his nose thanks to the unexpected hit.

"Your city?" Jaiden challenged looking over the Knight with cynicism, "You're certainly not much of a guardian. Drug dealers roam free, the place could hardly be called anything better then a den of crime."

He took a step towards the door, the tendril made of his own blood moving around him defensively waiting for another attack. Then he stopped and turned back to face the Black Knight, "You know what I'm not ok with the idea of everyone lives. If this were another state, maybe I wouldn't care. But you're placing a rule you can't hope to enforce. A rule I'm not sure I want to follow."

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9Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:03 pm

"But you're placing a rule you can't hope to enforce. A rule I'm not sure I want to follow."

The Knight could have debated ethics with Logic, or explained that he'd only been operating int eh city for a month, that he was going to rid the city of drug dealers and other scum with a campaign of systematic attacks. But at the end of the day, he'd still be a murderer. And that, the Knight wouldn't let go. 
"I don't recall offering you a choice."
Dawn City (Location). Sup

First, he'd reach down to his belt, and take two shuriken, which he'd toss, with his free hand. As they flew through the air, aimed at Logic's hand and leg, he'd try to close the distance between them. Once he was within striking distance, he'd attempt to knee Logic in his gut, and hold his knife, still clutched in his right hand, to Logic's throat.

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10Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:25 pm

Jaiden prepared his stance as he saw the man begin to move, his brow furrowed. "I don't recall caring." He said in response lifting up his hand and wincing as blood drained from it when the shuriken hit it, That's enough letting my gaurd down
Dawn City (Location). Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSvR2D3D5bd_eyrkLtc6V7_mc-ec6TqJFZ0Ue3T3P6GnTHvA_YM He didn't move towards the Black Knight, no anyone who saw what James looked like and decided to close distance probably had good combat skills, rather he moved around the room with a quick series of leaps. The tendrils of blood blitzed the other shuriken out of the air and then decided to move towards the Black Knight. They were swift and carried with them enough striking power to hopefully send the Black Knight crashing through the walls behind him. They attacked seemingly from all angles and let Jaiden keep his distance while attacking.

"Did you think you could just beat some sense into me?" Jaiden mocked, "Why are you coming for me, when you could just as easily be going after people who are actual problems? People like you waste their time expecting to make everyone follow their stupid rules, they make themselves everyones enemy. Police, criminals, even other people trying to help. Moron."

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11Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:18 pm

Logic's blow sent the Knight crashing through the stone wall of the building, likely breaking a rib or two in the process. 
Dawn City (Location). 15125210
The Bloody Bat coughed up blood, and spat it onto the ground. He doubled over, back to Logic, as the monster monologued to him. He'd dropped the knife, as he went through the wall, leaving both hands free. With one, he fumbled for a moment, before opening a pouch on his belt, and removing a rebreather. He pulled it on, over his mouth, and stood, shakily. 

With his other hand, he unclipped something from his belt, and held it away from him. He pulled the pin from it, and threw the tear gas grenade to the ground, nearer Logic than he. The substance quickly began to spread, obscuring vision for the both of them. If Logic wasn't protected, the gas could cause debilitating pain, bleeding, and even blindness. As the name suggested, it would also cause tears to form in his eye. 

Once the gas was thick enough to obscure him, the Knight snatched up his knife off the ground, and flipped it so the blade faced up in his hand. Then he'd dart through the gas, protected from the worst of its effects by his rebreather, and skin-covering armor, and try to sink the knife into Logic's skin. With his extensive knowledge of the human body, he'd try to avoid anything vital, though his first said training would let him patch Logic up, if he accidentally hit an artery. 

Throughout it all, the Knight was simply silent. There was nothing more to say.

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12Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:50 pm

Jaidens eyes widened as he heard the click, Crap, he's a gadget specialist. I'd say military if it weren't for the fact he's clearly a vigilante. He thought with anger as he stepped back when the tear gas flew across the room. Nevertheless, it wasn't something he could escape. He shut his eyes before it could get to them and tightly wrapped the cloth around his face, though he knew full well it'd do nothing. He felt the pain burn his throat and lungs while he kept his eyes tightly shut. So he listened,

"That's not enough." He coughed hearing the Black Knights footsteps, he turned his back on him the tendrils shoving against the ground and launching him to the side. Jaiden was all too familiar with pain and lethal wounds, this, while painful, was far from those.
Dawn City (Location). Tumblr_o0v5saeNjI1tdnwpwo1_500

He turned to face him, and as did the Tendrils. He might have used his sense of smell in these moments if it weren't for that felt like his nose was on fire, thus leaving him only with his hearing.

He was launched into a fit of coughing for a moment. Even with James's abilities this fight will be difficult here. He thought and launched himself straight forwards. "Trying to even the terms are you?"Although the Black Knight was in the way he wasn't really the aim, his tendrils swiped through the air to shove him out of the way. But he was aiming to break through the wall behind him and out into the street.

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13Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:52 pm

As Logic's blood-red tendrils lashed out towards him, the Knight threw himself out of the way, hitting the ground. He soon discovered he wasn't even the target, as the wall behind him exploded open, revealing the two of them to the street outside. 

The large hole in the wall gave the Black Knight an opportunity. He pulled his grapnel gun from his belt, and fired it out across the street, at the low building he'd been observing from. The grapnel alone wasn't strong enough to pull him, so he clambered up onto a car, and leapt off. The gun's motor pulled, but only served to get him halfway up the building. He braced for the impact with his feet, pushing off and climbing up the side of the building. He could only hope Logic had lost track of him, in the confusion, and that he wouldn't be shot in the back as he went.

Once he got to the rooftop, he'd duck behind cover, and search for his bag, which he'd left here before he entered. It held some basic gear and supplies he couldn't fit onto his armor, but he'd also left something else with it. His bow. 
After retrieving the weapon, he nocked back an arrow, and stood, searching for Logic. The tear gas was spreading out into the street, though thankfully no civilians were nearby.  Dawn City (Location). Batman12


The Knight raised his bow, took aim, and fired. He wasn't a world-class archer, yet, though he could out-shoot the uninitiated with ease. He'd taken wind resistance and the like into account, and should nothing else interfere, it was likely he'd hit. But Logic could move faster than bullets. If he noticed the arrow, or the Knight himself, he could dodge it with ease.

I bet that goddamned Carbon doesn't have to deal with this. 

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14Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:08 am

Jaidens head snapped up as he heard the grappling gun and he leapt into a roll turning to listen as he heard the Black Knights feet hit a wall high in the air. He listened for more then the Black Knight though, he was listening for sirens, for random people on the street, for possible gang members not liking the commotion.

I hear you. He thought as his head shot in the Black Knights direction, as the bow pulled taught. He didn't intend on standing still for this, if the Black Knight wasn't retreating then he was attacking, and Jaiden didn't feel like being a target much longer.
Dawn City (Location). Tumblr_nc3z8a4QWo1qkw2uho1_500

He launched up from the ground as the arrow was launched, coughing still from the gas but he was getting used to using his hearing. "No." He said his words just loud enough for the Black Knight to hear as he lunged towards him the tendrils slamming towards the vigilante as Jaiden finally opened his eyes enough to barely glimpse what he was doing. They were still tearing and burning despite having tried to keep them tightly shut, and were doing very little good right now.

"Sure I can't kill criminals but you're willing to skewer me? You flipping hypocrite."

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15Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:45 am

Damn. He packs a punch.

The Knight's always had a talent for understatement.  As of right now, he has more ribs broken than whole. Multiple lacerations. Probably some head trauma he hasn't had time to notice. He can barely stand. When Logic's tendrils slapped him across the rooftop, he skidded against the concrete for several yards, before abruptly stopping, as he hit a radiator. 

Belt's half-empty, and everything I have left is going to be practically useless. Shuriken and the taser are too slow. Same goes for the bow, evidently. But... if I lose this fight, people die. It's simple... I'm the wall. The wall between monsters like this, and their victims. And when it comes down to it, there's a simple choice. Between me, and the people who'll die? I break. Not them. Every time. 

"Didn't you hear me!?" 

The Knight stands. The pain is still there, but he numbs it. Years spent training, adjusting his body with painful practice, until he could artificially dampen his nerve endings. To hold himself together for a few more crucial minutes, before breaking. Again.

He calls across the rooftop to Logic. A challenge.

"Nobody dies tonight."

Dawn City (Location). 15125214

The Knight didn't strike. Logic had him outclassed. Physically, he was stronger and faster than the Knight could ever hope to be. Even blinded by the tear gas, he'd been able to smack the Knight around with relative ease. But mentally? That was a different story.

Instead, the Black Knight ran. He makes sure to stay visible, to keep Logic following him, as he sprints across the rooftop. The Knight fires his grapnel again, and leaps off the rooftop, swinging towards the window of an adjacent office building. It's all but empty, at this time of night, so it's safe to lure Logic in. 

The first thing he does is go for a computer. It boots up quickly, and he does what he needs to with the minimum amount of keystrokes. He's creating an IRC channel. The old-school precursor to chat-rooms like Discord. Private, only open to him, but to the person he's contacting, that means nothing.

The message is sent. He gets a response almost instantly. Stall.

The Knight knows how to stall.

Logic will be coming for him. That much, he's sure of. So he takes however many minutes he has before he's found, and makes this office building his battlefield. When he hears Logic enter, he'll strike a match, and light fire to a wastebasket filled with paper, from the office's printer. Contained, but enough to cause smoke, and set off the fire alarm. Between the sprinkler system, and the noise, he hopes it will disorient the killer, give him the incremental tactical advantage he needs. 

Next, is the more dangerous stuff. The Knight regrets having to damage this building, and he knows it'll only garner more bad press for himself, and the 'cape' community at large, but he has little other choice. The largest office on the floor, likely belonging to whoever ranks the highest here, has a liquor cabinet. Take a bottle of the drink that looks the most alcoholic, add a flaming rag, and you have a molotov cocktail, ready to be thrown at Logic from cover, once he's within range. 

Finally, there's the kicker. With the sprinklers dousing the entire floor with water, as well as the sinks in the bathrooms overflowing, and flooding the halls, the two combatants are, by the time this third plan goes into effect, totally drenched. The Knight, once he's ready, will activate his taser, and stick it into the nearest puddle. The electrical current will be conducted by the water, and into Logic's body. The Knight's suit is insulated, he's willing to bet Logic's outfit isn't.

The entire plan takes about five minutes. The Knight works fast, for someone who's lost as much blood as he has. When Logic enters, he'll assault him from all angles, with his improvised weapons, and hope it buys him enough time.

But all of this is just smoke and mirrors. They won't stop him... all I can do is stall. Until he arrives.

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16Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:55 pm

Jaiden narrowed his eyes, He's trying to get me to chase him. Screw it. I need this guy to know I'm not to be messed with. I could leave, and that'd be it for a good while. But I'd have to worry about him chasing me. There is one convenience I have, I can leave at any moment, he doesn't have the same advantage...probably he thought angrily rushing forwards with one gigantic leap.Dawn City (Location). Poster%2C210x230%2Cf8f8f8-pad%2C210x230%2Cf8f8f8.lite-1u1
He ripped through the ceiling, dropping into one of the rooms. His senses were finally coming back, in pain, but at least able to be used. He quickened up how fast his blood was moving trying to make it pass through quicker. His head shot towards the striking of the match, the two main possibilities that were to follow, setting fire or starting smoke. The latter apparently was the Black Knights choice, to start the sprinkler system. That meant one of three things, electricity, to make him slip, or a water related superhuman ability. The second one was extremely unlikely to happen, and this guy seemed somewhat bright and resourceful, so he was leaning towards the first one. Powers weren't exactly very common even if he'd managed to find a few people to use himself.

Once he got near enough to the Black Knight he heard the flame rushing through the air towards him, cursing underneath his breath he leapt to the side, totally forgetting about the water for a moment as his hands landed in it and he felt the burning not far behind him as the cocktail landed and singed part of his clothing. He was about to shove away when the electricity hit him.

He shouted with anger and pain as it hit him. He was familiar with the sensation of electricity, he'd nearly died at its hands quite the number of times. And it also happened to be one of the things the body has a hard time adapting to after repeated use, that is, outside of damaged nerves. He clenched on the floor eyes wide for a moment. If he'd had this in a more often used body he might have been able to recuperate in a very short time, but he hadn't actually had James for all that long. As it was he was clenched on the floor for a moment. But his blood wasn't.

"Enough!" He shouted as the tendrils ripped across the floor throwing desks and anything on the ground flying, as well as catching fire from the molotov concoction spreading the fire, crap, didn't mean to do that he thought despite continuing to fling them around the room wildly. He gripped a nearer desk forcing himself to his feet head reeling with pain. "I've had enough of your stupidity."

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17Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:18 pm

Alright, this post is a *little* cheap. Forgive me, but I simply had to.

A voice came over the Knight's bluetooth earpiece. A single sentence, monotone. Emotionless. I'm here.

"Okay," said the Knight. "I'm done. I give. I can't beat you." He'd been hiding inside a cubicle, but now he crawled out, righting himself clumsily, and leaning against a wall. One hand gripped his side, where blood leaked from an open wound. But for some reason, he still smiled. "I am willing to bet he can, though..."

With that, the Knight chuckled weakly, and let himself fall to the floor. His vision was cutting in and out, now. Definitely head trauma, then. Fun.

A spotlight shone in through the holes in the building the two had ripped. In front of the light, was a silhouette, of a figure similar to the Knight himself, but with a few key differences. Firstly, its eyes glowed a menacing red. And second, the figure could fly. 

Dawn City (Location). 14855310

Carbon's facial recognition programs took in Logic's face. The monster was using a seeming innocent as a host body, but the program had no way of knowing that, so it simply identified him based on his face. He'd seen this man before, which was the only reason he recognized him, what with the mask he was wearing. From the press conference, a few days ago. Fascinating. It's a small world after all.

 "James Rodrigo. This is over. Surrender, or I will take you in."

As Carbon spoke, his Aero, the prototype hovercraft he'd arrived in, deployed a dozen tiny drones to scour the building, looking for the Black Knight. Carbon had responded to his call for help, but he was still no fan of the vigilante, despite their shared symbol. But the drones found nothing-- the Black Knight was gone.

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18Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:25 pm

Jaiden was unimpressed as the robot dropped in. He cocked his head at Carbon, "No, no you won't." he said simply, he boosted his strength and suddenly shot to the side ripping through the wall with ease and practically gliding into the street. He could see and smell mostly again, although his eyes and throat were still burning like crazy, but they were functional. The tentacles of blood around his body grabbed buildings and street and propelled him down alleys at an absurd speed and dexterity allowing him to make turns with ease, and also making flight far more difficult to manage while following him. Jaiden.
Dawn City (Location). Tumblr_ozyogb2cae1t6u7uzo1_500
He didn't expect to get away this way however, no, he was aiming for another escape route. Flight for such a lightweight and small individual was no easy feat, which meant it could relatively easily become disrupted. And Jaiden knew how to do that. He intended on leaving this city and it's moronic vigilante's, and if they chose to become too much of an issue, he would get rid of them. If not he'd leave them to their work, but he had the advantage even against the knew enemy. His blood manipulation and senses were absurdly useful, and he could leave this fight at any moment. Leaving James Rodrigo to suffer in his place. He didn't want to have to do that, but he was willing.

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19Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:38 pm


Logic fled, and Caron pursued. He left the Aero idling in the sky, cloaked, as his personal flight was faster, and more maneuverable, than the prototype plane. 

James Rodrigo. I first encountered him at my press conference, a few days ago, where he asked a question that betrayed deeper knowledge of technology, and 'capes' in general, than anyone else in that crowd. I thought him a potential threat, but only from a social standpoint. Instead, it seems he's a super-villain, of some kind. He fought the Black Knight, Dawn City'd resident vigilante, and won, necessitating my intervention. Speed, strength, and some kind of hemokinetic tentacle ability. 

Carbon followed Logic from high above. The criminal was moving at quite high speeds- faster than an eye could track, in fact. Unfortunately for Logic, Carbon was not as limited in his ability as the Knight was. He could easily track the path of a bullet through the air, and he could track Logic just the same. 

From above Logic, Carbon calculated, with mechanical speed and precision, exactly where Logic would be in but a moment, and fired directly at that spot. The projectile in question was a simple dart, dosed with an exceptionally powerful tranquilizer. The intention was to hit Logic squarely in the back of the neck, and render him unconscious with one swift movement. Carbon would then descend, to a safe distance, and spray Logic with a special material he calls 'containment foam,' which hardens and expands to stop even the strongest of metahumans. As one struggles inside it, it only becomes stronger, allowing it to hold just about anyone. Once Logic's current form was inside, if indeed he was hit at all, he'd find it nigh-impossible to physically escape.

Designed for the seamless delivery of justice in an unjust world.

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20Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:03 pm

Jaiden grinned, Carbon was following as expected. Although it was irritating to know that someone could keep up with James Rodrigo's abilities. He could hear the dart moving through the air. And of course there's that he was keeping an eye on the flying android, he turned and as he did so he took his hemokinetic ability a step further.
Dawn City (Location). 5945409-black_reaper___kaneki_ken_in_berkserk_mode_by_sapphire22crown-d9xx6r3
As he whipped his tendrils around to catch the tranquilizer out of the way before suddenly turning on Carbon. The android better have stayed a good distance away, or his tendrils would quickly seek him out, stretching much further out of his back then earlier he narrowed his eyes as he felt a bit of a lack of blood as he reached so much of it out aiming to slam into Carbon with enough force to break through stone with ease. They were also positioned in such a way as to try and stop any further attacks including the foam. As he did this he leapt forwards increasing both the speed of the tendrils as well as closing the gap between them, "Your friend was the one who attacked first. What is up with this city's vigilante's, do you just attack on call any time you see a potential threat or actually try and see what's going on." he said simply and loudly enough for Carbon to hear him.

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21Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:06 am



The Dusk and Dawn Club

A singer is debuting. Not a heavily advertised performance, but word of mouth spread like hellfire. The club filled almost to the brim in minutes, after word spread. Pictures and recordings of her first set were trending on Twitter in minutes. Her name is Lucy, but she goes by Sensation.

Dawn City (Location). Img_0210

This... is the best.

Lucy is singing. In a manner of speaking. There are no words to it, just pure song. The crowd is enthralled- almost literally. The magic of the song isn't to control them, but it's magic nonetheless. The fainter-of-heart in the crowd have passed out already, but no one cares. For tonight, only tonight, there is only the song.

The Sensation of Sorcery, for her part, is loving it. This, almost exactly this, was always her dream. Being a singer... making people feel as if they were special. 

You want, for your whole life, to be someone special. And then you find out you are...

Lucy smiled. 

"Is everyone having a good time?"

A resounding cheer from the audience. Lucy glowed- literally. 


And the next song began.

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@Jaiden Logic

Dawn City (Location). 17252410
Logic's tendril smacked Carbon back, sending him spinning through the air before he righted himself. He landed on a rooftop, somewhat more gracefully than the Knight had earlier. The very force of the blow would have felled the Black Knight, but Carbon was not he. For one, the Knight has a good many more rules than Carbon.

The Mechanical Marvel raised his arms to his sides, palms open, and activated the magnets in his hands for a brief second. From their places inside his legs, Carbon's dual handguns flew to his hands, where he raised them at the oncoming Logic. He fired as many times as he could, before Logic was about to hit him. His intent wasn't to kill, but rather shoot at the tendrils themselves, to test their durability. 

Once Logic was too close, Carbon fired a grapnel from his right hand, and let it pull him up onto another, higher building, away from Logic's reach. "I don't particularly like the Knight, but he has a very strong moral code. If he thinks you're worth stopping, I trust him. And from what I've gathered, you nearly killed half a dozen people before he intervened."

Designed for the seamless delivery of justice in an unjust world.

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23Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:44 pm

The tendrils didn't budge when shot, they barely even reacted. They were held together by James's power rather then a physical connection, making them functionally indestructible but also entirely reliant on the attention and focus used on them.

"Criminals, no doubt far more likely to kill innocent people not to mention ruin the lives of others." Jaiden said simply, launching himself onto a rooftop adjacent to Carbon, his tendrils whirling around him ready to halt attacks if necessary, "I'll be leaving your city here so you won't have to worry about any more of that from me. The only other place I'm liable to do that in would be Chicago but not even they have such a corrupt feeling to them, the police are still trustworthy...for the most part."  He began to walk away, but he was watching over his shoulder as he did so, "I don't typically kill people, but I know when it's necessary. Clearly, the vigilante's of this city do not. So I have little reason to do much but watch it rot away like you'll let it. Because it will, I know people and I know how things go down. It'll fall apart if nothing is done. Other city's have a chance, because their police can generally be trusted. I don't trust Dawn's police or judicious system. Or you for that matter."

Jaiden was headed the shortest path out of the city, he had no intention of wasting time here. If every time he helped people these morons got in the way then he didn't think he could do enough good for it to matter. Best to simply move on.

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24Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:19 am


"Just because you'd be killing people in a different city, doesn't mean I'm more accepting of it," Carbon said. There was a hint of bemusement in his mechanical voice, as he tried to work out the twisted internal logic that would have led to that statement. "Besides, the Knight may be a local hero, but I'm international." 

With that declaration, the Artificial Avenger reached up to his back, and something began to emerge from him. The hilt of a sword, which he slowly removed from its 'sheath' in his own body. The edge was wickedly sharp, being monomolecular. It could, almost literally, carve the electrons off of atoms. Firing thrusters hidden on his back, Carbon dashed forwards, blade held pointing backwards, until he was in melee range. 

When Carbon struck, he did so with lightning-fast precision, every move calculated. His intent was to slice upwards through Logic's left arm, cleaving it straight off. As he approached, and even during the attack, he'd leap, duck, and weave out of the way of any tendrils that sought to intercept him. Having been given time to watch them, he'd established a few patterns of their movement, and was around 70% confident his combat prediction software would let him anticipate their strikes before they struck.

Designed for the seamless delivery of justice in an unjust world.

You might know me better as Orph. Or Conspiracy, or Sweet Dream, or Occult, or Sensation, or Black Knight, or... dang, I have a bunch of alts.
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25Dawn City (Location). Empty Re: Dawn City (Location). on Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:51 am

Jaiden looked at Carbon with a cocked head, "Clearly your artificial intelligence is junk. I said I wouldn't kill people in other cities because I generally trust the law enforcement you nitwit." He said the words with incredible sharpness of tongue and then narrowed his eyes as Carbon drew the sword. He was already prepared to move away before Carbon actaully even finished getting the sword out. He was already using two tendrils to launch himself backwards as the android closed in, and immediately moved the other two in the way of the sword. It got far closer then he was happy with, having already slit through some of his arm which began to bleed, only kept in by his focusing to harden it. It didn't matter how sharp the sword was, they tendrils held together by Jaidens choosing them to be there. In truth, only brute force that would move Jaiden himself could actually break through them directly, and that would end up being due to disrupting his attention and focus from the sheer impact. 

He's fast, much too fast to want to engage in combat long term as he may possess far more stamina then I do. I can still retreat though. Jaiden thought as he flew backwards through the air and withdrew his tentacles back to him to use them to propel himself swiftly along the roof tops.

"The thing about you though, is that if I hadn't already been busy with the Knight and gotten tear gassed. I wouldn't even be stressing myself about this fight. You're too slow up here." He said over his shoulder pointing to his head, "And very inefficient."

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