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The Black Knight (Under Construction).

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1The Black Knight (Under Construction). Empty The Black Knight (Under Construction). on Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:23 pm

The Black Knight (Under Construction). Galler10

The Black Knight.


Shuriken- The Knight's primary weapon are his shuriken, which he personally forged in a Dawn City steel mill. The design is efficient, but the material is sub-standard, unable to cut through most armor. It's most effective against unarmored, human opponents.

Police Scanner- The Knight has salvaged a police scanner from a Dawn City police car, wired somewhat clumsily into his helmet. It allows him to monitor the communications of the local police, and evade them when they pursue.

Grapnel- The first model of the Knight's grapnel gun isn't so much a tool for transportation, so much as a literal lifeline for when he's in freefall. It was bought through legitimate, mundane channels, and is unable to fully pull him anywhere, much less allow him to nearly-fly around Dawn City's rooftops. Instead, he uses it to slow his descent, like a bungee cord, when falling.

Zip-Ties- Kept in the Knight's utility belt, his zip-ties are relatively mundane, able to be twisted into handcuffs, or simply attach someone to an object. They can be cut, but it is extraordinarily difficult to break them with strength alone.

Taser- This ranged weapon carries a high voltage, capable of causing neuromuscular incapacitation in targets, rendering them unable to move.

Tear gas- The tear gas grenade is a popular riot suppression tool, co-opted by the Knight for dealing with large groups, or circumventing meta-human abilities. Due to lack of space on his belt, the Knight only carries one of these at a time.

Bow- The archaic longbow is the Knight's latest weapon. There's no special story to it, merely purchased from a sporting goods store. The arrows are dulled, to prevent any accidental death.

Costume- Shroud of the Bloody Bat.

The Cowl- The Knight's cowl is actually two distinct items. The first is his helmet, a non-stylized head-covering that's unconnected to the rest of the suit. It's likely the most hi-tech part of the costume, with armor plating capable of stopping low-caliber bullets from medium range. The helmet also features a bluetooth earpiece, connected wirelessly to the Knights mobile phone. The Knight's stolen police scanner is also wired into the helmet, controlled by a device in his belt. 

Over the helmet is the cowl itself, a mask that offers little to no protection. The cowl contains the stylistic elements of the head-piece, with the ridged nose and pointed ears. The cowl attaches to the helmet, to prevent it from falling off.

Gloves- The gloves of the Black Knight, like much of his equipment, are stolen gear. The knuckles are reinforced, designed for ideal striking force. The fins on the forearms of the gauntlets are bladed, for slashing, as well as impromptu hooks. The gloves' palms are made with a design modeled after gecko setae, giving the Knight better climbing and gripping capabilities.

Body- Much like his cowl, the Knight's body armor is actually a multi-part vestment. First, against his skin, is a grey bodysuit. It doesn't have any special properties, simply being an insulated bodysuit. The same material also covers the Knights legs. Over the bodysuit is a standard, lightweight bulletproof vest. It offers more protection that virtually anything else the Knight wears, but is still mostly useless against weapons faster-firing or higher-caliber than a pistol. Over the vest, the Knight wears the suit itself. It's black, with a bat-symbol emblazoned on the chest. The suit has some light armor, enough to stop a knife slash, but its primary purpose is stealth. The suit is designed to be able to blend into the shadows, letting the Knight fade away as he chooses.

Utility Belt- The Knight's utility belt is, of course, where he keeps his equipment. The belt consists of a buckle, at the center, and four pouches- two on each side. On the left, after the pouches, is the grapnel gun the Knight uses to get around. On the right are the Knight's shuriken. In the pouches are more mundane items, like the Black Knight's mobile phone, wallet, and notebook.

Cape- Connected to his cowl, the Knight's cape is a long, black shroud, which cloaks him in darkness. It has no ability to glide, and mostly serves to mask the Knight himself, and make him more intimidating. It doesn't possess any defensive capabilities, though it can be used to disorient enemies.

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