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Azrael's Bio (complete for now)

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1Azrael's Bio (complete for now) Empty Azrael's Bio (complete for now) on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:58 am


Name: Alezra Alexandria Aster
Alias: Azrael
Age: 22
Weight: 125
Height: 5'6
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White
"Awful Regen": Alezra has the capacity to recover from most wounds out side of organ lose and amputation within a week. Or at least she assumes it's the same with a limb. She's only aware of organ based limitation from an injury in a car accideint she suffered as a child that called for a heart transplant.
"Improved Eyes": Simply a biological side effect of the speeds she can move at as far as that point Alezra can see clearly. Not as affected by wind resistance or momentum so as to remain at optimum functionality. While it might extend to further abilities or accelerated brain function her life hasn't led her to a point of uncovering that.
"Wind Manipulation": More accurately her ability extends to motion. Do to a lack of training and any way to understanding her abilities however it has only gone so far as to be projected as aerokinesis. The ability to make air move at speeds up to three hundred miles per hour, a rough estimate of the strongest gusts within a tornado. Some speculate it to have gone even faster, such measurements are hard to gather though and more so managing anything beyond this point would be difficult for Alezra to do. With this she's shown able to distribute large shock wave like attacks or craft wind based blades/projectiles. It can also allow for flight moving up otherwise vertical surfaces or staying in place despIte said surface. Sub Abilities of this ability include...
Heightened Awareness: Sound of course moves along airwaves through practice Alezra has managed to tune the air around her to pick up on audio cleaner. Hearing noises from further out, able to manipulate what she hears to pick on things more clearly. And of course to assist to a small degree on knowing where an attack might come from.
Heightened Dexterity: Alezra had always done what she could to fine tune acrobatics and balance ever sense she learned of her ability. Mixing practice with ability over wind she's become adept at athletics and balance related tasks.
Heightened Agility: light foot steps and blinding fast movements all done with a breeze of physical efforts. Guided by winds moving is just naturally easier for Alezra. Comfortably moving at high speeds to be a blur of motion. While a joke compared to actual speedsters and not going to allow her to outrun gunfire her ability to accelerate quickly to these speeds does give some edge in things.
"Air Shields": Typically Alezra will only keep such around herself though she could extend it further if desired to a marginal extent. Predominantly this is to help negate wind resistance and as a limited defense. While it won't stop every gunshot or blade it hopefully will direct them enough should the need arise.

Flight/Cat Suit: Using one designed for skating the form fitting one piece attire provides minimal air resistance. Freedom in motion comes with the design and it helps keep Alezra insulated within physical activities. While rather warm and helpful in movement it does nothing in regards to protection at this time.
Pouch: a belt with a small pouch there's room for more of course but at the moment she has but one. Split into two compartments one has razors while the other has nails. Those backed by the speed she can put behind them allows for a rather reliable and silent weapon. Ones that also can be used for improvised melee if need arise.
Alezra was born with an ability over what seems to be wind, upon learning of this around the age of ten she tried to uncover how to use it to fullest ability. So that one day she might not be stuck in the routine rut of a life style that was hers and her parents and grandparents and so on. From as far as she could tell the system only allowed so much growth and so what she should do is when the time arrives when abilities start popping up and leading to a change in things. That was when she should look to make a life more to her liking. Earlier might of been possible but seemed a moronic plan to her. Thankfully though it hadn't been to long before things came to allow for more.
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