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John Leon (Character Profile)

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1John Leon (Character Profile) Empty John Leon (Character Profile) on Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:03 am



John Leon (Character Profile) Luis-diaz-mccree-overwatch-by-scragifft-and-xdeidar4

Portal Generation/Manipulation:-
John generates portals, entry and exit points simultaneously within any area of space as long as he can fathom it. These portals can be either used to accelerate or decelerate per the whims of he himself, as these portals can speed up and slow down matter caught inside of it. There are no fixed sizes or for the generated portals, but the amount of matter transference depends on his mental capacity. Generated portals are not static, as they can be moved as per the whims of Leon, and he can even physically handle them.
Force Resistance:-
When he moves through his portals, John Leon gains the active ability to resist any force of motion, including gravity for a temporary period of time.

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