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Caspian Mikhail (bio)

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1Caspian Mikhail (bio) Empty Caspian Mikhail (bio) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:41 pm


Name: Caspian Mikhail
Age: 23
Height: 6'
Alias: Grim Reaper (Secret)

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Species: Egyptian demi god
Languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Manderin, ancient egyptian.

Although it's gone through many names, Caspians family is said to be descendants of the Egyptian god of death Anubis. The family line possesses evidence of this in their variety of abilities and how they appear to be unable to die, but will rather "Pass into the underworld" after their time has come.

The family believes itself gaurdians of death, although they act more like judges, deciding who gets to live and die. If they believe someones been on the world past their due, they will make sure they don't stick around much longer. However their power has decreased over time as more and more godly blood was corrupted with that of humans, making what was once a perfect certainty of death much more reliant on the skills of the family.

Caspian himself was trained from birth like many of the others. Trained in his powers and his arsenal. However he became irritated with having to obey his elders, and eventually found a way to be rid of them. He didn't kill them all, just the ones right above him in rank and who might stand in the way. He then left into the world taking on the position of a businessman, not very large at first but quickly growing. It did help that sometimes his opposition would occasionally just die. 


Superhuman fitness: Caspian is superhumanly strong and fast, capable of easily breaking through most any stone and bending steel. He's fast and agile enough to navigate urban territory faster then most vehicles and moving faster then an arrow when necessary. 

Deaths eyes: Caspian is capable of seeing death and doom moments before it happens as well as spotting weaknesses in things. This allows him to predict if something is going to die soon or not, as well as break things down by hitting particular points with far less effort then normally necessary. This includes his own destruction by seeing Anubis's face, allowing him a form of danger intuition. This ability also seems to enhance his normal vision, allowing him the ability to see through darkness and thick mist for many miles and watch things moving at extreme speeds with considerable detail.

Killing capability: Thanks to his training he has an extreme understanding of combat and assassination. Knowing more then just direct combat with his blades and hands, but also knowing many poisons and human weaknesses. Although he is capable of defense, it all leads to attacks which are meant to either break down his opponent or kill them immediately. 

Realm shifting: A gift of Anubis as it's called. Most of the family develop a form of power on their own, some more dangerous then others. All are capable of stealth, but Caspian takes it a step further. Not only is he extremely capable of remaining hidden when he wants, but he can slip through dimensions creating both a form of teleportation and phasing.

Immortality: Although Caspian can be harmed, he's technically immortal. Even wounds or poisons that would otherwise kill him only manage to cause him pain and damage his body temporarily. He is capable of scarring however, much to his dismay. Usually the wounds will simply heal over in a few hours. He also does not actually require to breath, eat, sleep, or drink. Although he may still feel pain if he doesn't. His immortality also makes him incredibly resistant to extreme temperatures and illnesses.

Enchantment: When in his hands, any weapon becomes absurdly durable as well as far sharper. This also makes them capable of attacking, deflecting, and harming supernatural and magical things.

Mystical aura: Caspian gives off an aura. This can be both useful, or a curse. He can use it to help him convince people of things, as well as to camoflouge himself and the noises he makes from prying eyes or ears. But it is also detectible by people who can sense magic or the supernatural in some way or another. Whenever he's the Grim Reaper he uses this to hide his face completely.

Magic affinity: Although he doesn't actually use much magic, Caspian can naturally work well with magic and magical items if he can figure them out. 

Intellect: Caspian can be very clever, and he has managed to learn how to use it for business very well as well. He's become relatively good at lying, but most of all he uses his clever mind in how to kill or fight someone. Once he applies it to destroying something, he becomes far better at it. Thus why he uses it in a business fashion by thinking how he can destroy competition.


Caspians armory consists of a particular off white uniform, numerous hidden blades, and a variety of poisons and smoke pellets he carries on him. 

Because the arsenal he carries has been in contact with him so much it is extremely deadly due to his ability to enchant weapons. This makes them very sharp and durable even when not in his hands.

Although he doesn't use it often, he does in fact carry a gun with him anywhere he goes if he's allowed to do so or is acting as Reaper.

Caspians business, also called Mikhail sciences, has a wide variety of focus's. Most of them are actually medical, and sell to various hospitals. The irony of this does not evade Caspians amusement, though he makes sure to keep his chuckling to himself.

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