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Ryth (bio)

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1Ryth (bio) Empty Ryth (bio) on Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:52 am


Name: Elizabeth Danger
Age: 25
Alias: Ryth
Affiliation: Doom Corporation
Department: Sec
Parents(s): Annabel Danger (mother) - External Manners high ranking official


Stand: Pink Doom (ピンクドゥーム)
Danger Family has always fostered stand users. Stands are manifestations of a person's psychic abilities. They often appear as humanoid beings visible to only other stand users or people with high mental, psychic or spiritual sensing abilities. All stands are physically powerful and fast, some weak and others strong, but some stands with a high mental and spiritual energy to feed off of has the capability to grow Absurdly powerful. Pink Doom is one such stand. It is fairly weak right now, but given Ryth's spiritual and mental capabilities, Pink Doom is projected to be vastly more powerful.
Pink Doom has the power to affect everything around it and manipulate the possibilities and occurrence of favorable and unfavorable conditions. The chances of a bullet hitting her is 0%. Trajectory of anything flying at her is altered at optimum angles to miss her. Ryth can walk in blind in front of a barrage of machine gun fire and not a single bullet will hit her. But if she is bombarded with flames from all directions, where the possibility of escape is 0%, then the attack has a 100% chance of hitting her. Basically, anything barring a 100% chance of possibility has a 0% of affecting Ryth.


Ryth has military as well as combat training, since the age of 19, she has undergone rigorous training to hone both her mental and spiritual fortitude. Under the guidence of her mother, she has been constantly trying to be a stronger and better fighter, to use her stand at peak ability. Ryth knows how to use hand guns, rifles & snipers.


- Bubble Shield: The bubble shield is a small device that allows Ryth to deploy a shield that is capable of defending Ryth from an RPG explosion.
Ruger® SR22™ Rimfire Pistol:
- TRG 22 Bolt Action Short Sniper Rifle
- DOOM PDA™: State of the Art device that allows Ryth to maintain superficial contact with Doom corporation and order in assistance if need be. It also acts as a device that can hack into most electronic appliances and securities. It can siphon off security measures and codes from other devices to constantly upgrade its functionality.
Plasma Gun: The plasma cannon fires rounds of hyper intense, super heated fire blasts with core temperatures of over 3000 degrees celcius. The heat is localized via a graviton field that expands on contact to cover an area of 5 meters, preventing the heat from spilling out until it consumes itself and dies off eventually.

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