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The Cadre (Team).

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1The Cadre (Team). Empty The Cadre (Team). on Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:03 pm

"We're the Cadre. Get in, or get out of the way."
The Cadre (Team). Shadow10
The Cadre- a team of renegades, rogues, and outlaws united by a common cause. They're the deadliest collection of individuals on the planet, bar none, and their motives are their own. 

The team is primarily based out of the Den, in the Ukraine, but own a number of safe-houses and weapons caches in every country on earth. They do not all have the same goals, or even same ideals, but they're all friends and allies nonetheless. 

When not fighting their own battles, the Cadre will take mercenary jobs, though the parameters of the missions must meet a strict set of criteria agreed to by every member of the group.

The team currently consists of The Elevenththe Black Shadowthe Nameless, Agent 000, and The Third.

The team's official theme is In The Face of Evil.

So, this is a thing now. For the moment, the team is invite-only, meaning you can request entry, but I can't guarantee it. Of course, the idea of refusing anyone, anywhere anything triggers massive amounts of anxiety, so you're probably good if you want to join. And before someone feels the need to comment, yeah, the lineup is currently all my alts, but I have no intention of using more than one in the same thing at one time. It's simply to compensate for the crippling lack of users of this site.

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