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Black Knight's Armor: v2.2

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The Dawn Detective's Visage.

Black Knight's Armor: v2.2 XgCH6wTAmlNPOyHjw9IFLVzsup_SQBrub8AP9IEDLuA5sp-TBnLpcWB6DVrSRFsNFirJo4B_DkomouRbSCRWIUzzmw4reVMHNoaNGhiRzjR9lJUKObS98l1R66dK-SowGqSPozDp
The mask of the Bloody Bat is a reinforced hood, made from a kevlar-and-nomex composite material, over a carbon-fiber helmet. The entire helmet is reinforced, though the area above the eyes more-so. It's been tested and is able to stop the impact of a medium-caliber bullet from just about any range.
The long, pointed ears of the hood are multi-purposed. They contain hidden antennas, able to pick up long-range satellite transmissions, should he choose to tune to them. At the base of the ears, are the Knight's earbuds, connected wirelessly to his communicator, phone, and antennae.
Covering the Black Knight's eyes are a pair of lenses. Normally, they're transparent, showing his eyes, but they can be illuminated outwardly, to make his eyes glow ethereally. The aesthetic element isn't the only one, though, as the lenses have a 'night-vision' mode, allowing the Knight to see in the dark almost as clearly as in daytime. This functionality has the disadvantage of reacting poorly to sudden, bright flashes of light, which cause temporary blindness.
The Knight’s body armor is a multi-layered costume. The outer layer is made from Nomex (a fire-resistant material) and Kevlar, and the inner layer is a carbon-fiber bodysuit. The armor on both is concentrated in the chest area specifically, since the Dawn Detective’s symbol is designed to draw fire there, as opposed to the head.
The suit is near-skintight, and leaves little room for concealed weapons, with most of the Knight’s tools being held in his utility belt. However, there are a few backup items hidden on the suit itself. Kept hidden by the Knight’s cape, is a weapon called ‘the crescent.’ It’s a metal half-circle, which extends when thrown, to attach larger foes to walls, keeping them contained temporarily. Furthermore, the Knight keeps several lockpicks within his gloves and boots, in case he is relieved of his belt and incarcerated.
The Knight’s gloves are built with reinforced knuckles, to enhance the Dawn Detective’s striking power.The fingers are designed to emulate gecko setae, a naturally-occurring material in the animal kingdom that allow geckos to climb walls with ease. The Knight is not of equivalent weight to a gecko, so he can’t quite do that, but the gloves do give him better gripping and climbing when necessary.
The Knight’s boots are a custom design, with the treads optimized for both sprinting and all-terrain travel. This has the disadvantage of leaving a very distinctive footprint in snow or mud.
Falling from the Knight’s shoulders is his redesigned cape, combining the black shroud he used to wear with a cutting-edge gliding apparatus. With a touch from the Knight’s gloves, the cape will extend to its full length, allowing the Knight to glide, and slow his descent while falling.
Secured at the Knight’s waist is his utility belt, a new and improved design optimized to hold as many tools as possible. The belt has four pouches at the front, two on either side of the buckle, and a number of other items attached to the belt beyond those. The belt has several clips, so items can be attached for ideal availability. The Knight keeps the following items in his belt at all times.

  • The Knight’s custom-made, bat-shaped shuriken.
  • A number of zip-ties.
  • Several lockpicks.
  • A pair of metal handcuffs, and the key.
  • A secure smartphone, and two ‘burner’ phones.
  • His new, improved grapnel gun.
  • A taser.
  • A number of small smoke pellets.
  • Two tear gas grenades.
  • A flashlight.
  • A ka-bar combat knife.
  • A Swiss army knife.
  • A glow-stick.
  • A box of matches.
  • A lighter.
  • A radio.

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