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Hypertime (Heavens Unite Tie-In).

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Miles below the surface of the Earth...

It seemed obvious, in retrospect. Everything was too perfect, to orderly. No innovation, no change. If you looked a hundred years into the future of New Eden, or a thousand, or further, there would be next to no change- because there was no reason for it.

This world is a lie.

The insight had come only moments ago, by the rest of the world's mark. A nagging sensation in the back of Sol's mind had driven him to his usual spot for meditation- the earth's core. He'd sped up his relative perception of time by about a thousand times, and simply thought. With his intellect increased by a thousandfold as well, the conclusion came quickly. The solution, soon after.

Sol couldn't challenge the entire world alone. No one else seemed to understand the truth, yet, and the might of the Avatar and his Protectors would be enough to overwhelm even the Solar Sentinel. There seemed to be no way to get anyone else to 'wake up,' as it were, not that Sol would even know where to look, to find Nemo or Donn.

On this world, he was alone. But this world was one of many, and with the super-intelligence that his internal energy reservoir granted him, he could build a bridge to those other worlds easily enough.

The materials needed to build such a device were easily procured, with time essentially frozen. Sol circled the planet a thousand times in a half-second, assembling his bridge in low-earth orbit. It took some time, at least by Sol's perception, to build even a small orbital platform, but it was worth it for the relative secrecy afforded by being in space.

The design was simple- a 'gate,' of sorts, powered simply by Sol, that tore a small rip in space-time, allowing the Boundless Bastion to pass through, and into the bleedspace between universes- Hypertime. From there, he could travel to any other world he wished, recruiting other heroes to help him overthrow the Avatar and free his world.

When the bridge was finished, Sol stopped moving, and simply hovered in place, a few meters from the gate. Taking a moment to collect his thoughts, he observed Earth from above. It looked from the outside like everything he'd always wanted. When he'd been under the Avatar's spell, it had felt like it was. He'd been a Protector, beat back the Kaiju whenever they reared their ugly heads. And when there were enough heroes that everything was stable, he had retired. Looking back on it, that had been the first sign everything was wrong. Sol could hardly envision a world where he could truly retire.

Sol now wore simple civilian clothes, though specially designed to be resistant to extreme heat, should he wish to meditate within the sun. I can hardly go recruit other heroes looking like this, can I? I don't look the part... don't fit the theme.

The costume he'd worn on the true Earth was nowhere to be found, but there was still one that felt familiar. The one he'd worn as a Protector. After his retirement, he'd given it to a museum, where it now held a place of prominence- a memorial for a hero who'd never truly existed.

He retrieved it in moments. It felt different, the mask something he'd never wanted. But it was right.Hypertime (Heavens Unite Tie-In). XBaeqSQYdy7fHtV8PzjZ46y_AfLV_LnkICiLX_hgl3VXF90idKMGhA9w--ttJMe0-NGZlkZ2TvQBXA-4bCDqXYGIiOnnnaGUSHJg-VZbabRe828G6js5I7-cdfdlamdCsVh52vu-

There was no noise. If the gate had been activated on Earth, it would surely have been deafening, but in the cold vacuum, it simply flickered to life silently. A tiny tear in reality, and inside a cold, white void. Sol wrapped his fingers around the edges of the tear, and poured more energy than he'd ever had cause to use, into his body. Enough strength to tear apart stars, and it still hurt. Sol would have screamed, had he been able to. It took minutes, to make the tear large enough for Sol to fit through. He pulled himself through, and let himself fall, adrift, into Hypertime.

In seconds, the tear was gone, and Sol had no reference point for where anything was. He propelled himself forward, but stopped short after a moment. He could feel something in front of him- a wall. He reached out, and when his hand touched it, the barrier went from invisible to solid- reflective, green glass. But the reflection wasn't Sol- it was someone else. A man, with close-cut blond hair, in metal armor. The symbol on his chest, the look in his eyes- he was the Sun, as much as Sol was. He looked out over a gleaming, white cityscape, a half-smile upon his face. It looked like New Eden, but better. The true future of humanity, not bound by the short-sightedness and lack of vision of a man like the Avatar.

The image shifted, before Sol'e eyes. A form, indistinct- perhaps not even human. Armored, again, but with a helmet obscuring his features. He was looking down towards another planet- this one clearly not Earth, but rather Jupiter. Another planet under Sol's purview, but one he'd never had cause to spend much time with. Nothing lived there, in Sol's time, but this incarnation of the Sun that Speaks looked upon a Solar System populated with trillions of life-forms, human and alien, living among the many worlds of their home system.

Now, Sol's reflection was his own face- but older than he was. And given that he hadn't physically aged since his own birth, that meant this was truly far in the future. Behind him, was Sol- not the man, but the star. It was far larger, now, and had expanded to burn away ever trace of Earth. Even as he watched, it encroached upon Mars. There was not a single human in the system, as far as Sol could tell. Just himself, aged beyond years. He looked... tired. But content.

The image changed a final time. A being of pure energy, now. Another star, this one much larger than Sol ever had been. And the planets orbiting that massive star were many... and on them, humanity. Protected not by their original star, but a new one.

"Hm," Sol said, as the last image faded away. "So, this is Hypertime. Where you can see the timeline from outside of it. And that's what happens to me, it seems. A fitting end, I think, if a few billion years away. But not what I came here for."

As if in response to Sol's words, the images on the glass changed again. New Eden, and conflict. Nemo, and others beside him. A boy wearing a helmet of gold, a bald human with the S-symbol emblazoned on his chest, and more. As Sol watched, another person emerged from the sky, followed by a dozen or more people- some wearing Nemo's symbol, other resembling Sol himself. Notably absent was Sol himself. And even as they won back their reality, the Solar Sentinel didn't make a single appearance.

So, I can't return... Banished from the reality that I hail from. But Hypertime isn't random like that. It I wouldn't have been shown this for no reason. I need to go somewhere, I think. Not in the direction I came, but elsewhere. Moving on...

It didn't take much force. Just a single strike, and Sol shattered the green glass barring his way. On the largest shards, images from his visions flashed, before disappearing into bleedspace. He caught one in his hand, and studied his reflection. The old Protector costume had been replaced with his black-and-gold, without his even noticing.
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Sol accelerated forward, despite no real direction being visible. As he sped up, arms outstretched, bleedspace itself began to tear around his fingers, until another hole in unreality appeared. He shot through, and tumbled out into space- not the blank white void of Hypertime, but space. There were other stars in the sky, and the nearest- the Sun. A solar flare peeled off of its surface in his general direction, as he reached out to it. Acceptance.

And on earth... There were heroes there, but not many. On Sol's home-earth, they'd begun to appear in full-force after the second World War... here, they'd only manifested in two-thousand and eighteen. Like a new earth, a new universe. Recently formed out of nothing, still cooling. Full of potential for the future. And perhaps in need... of a guiding light. A star.

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