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The Overhero Files [Powers]

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Name: T'laak
Known as: Omninoid Overhero
Age: 6,063 years (about 33 in Earth cycles)
Gender: Male
Species: Omninoid
Height: varies
Weight: varies
Family: unknown
Occupation: superhero

T'laak was born on Omnidia in the expansive Clutch of Arkada. His species - the Omninoids - naturally adapted to everything around them, meaning they could theoretically survive anywhere. Omnidia itself was home to countless such living conditions, given its sheer size and rotation speed. Storms constantly battered the surface, turning entire habitats into raging typhoons. Yet it could also be said that due to its oddly quick day system, Omnidia adapted itself to the harsh conditions of the solar system around it.

The Clutch of Arkada is once such adaptation, as it was connected directly to what seemed to be the living 'world-mind' of the planet itself. As such, Omninoids living near the Clutch adapted their own minds to these circumstances. Telepathy and telekinesis were universally common traits amongst infants, and the Clutch soon received its first landmark of civilization: the city of Arkada.
Built by telekinetic workers and telepathic engineers, Arkada stood as a monument to Omninoid ingenuity and the beauty of Omnidia itself as told through its world-mind.

T'laak was born here and, as all other Omninoids within Arkada, adapted his mind first and foremost to hear and see that which others could not. His connection to the world-mind however was tenuous at best. Omnidia seemed to single him out with visions of another distant planet that knew great suffering. The universal fabric unraveled before him, and he saw that everything was held together in a patchwork of stars and void. In order for there to be transitional peace across time and space, T'laak had to go to this other world.

He had to travel to Earth.

The last few years of his adolescence were spent training his body to adapt to space and all its harsh stipulations. Omninoids solidify their powers around their fifteenth birthday according to Earth calendars, so T'laak had to spend that time amassing all he could in order for the journey. After he had gained enough to survive unaided in space but before he could lose his ability to adapt forever, T'laak sent himself into the void for the first time - and the rest is history.

T'laak, the Omninoid Overhero, was born in the telepathically-constructed city of Arkada on the planet Omnidia. His race naturally adapt to anything around them, becoming unique creatures by their age of maturity of fifteen Earth cycles. Once that happens they are left with those abilities for life. T'laak was born linked to Omnidia's world-mind, a fact which influenced his specific niche of Omninoids to develop telepathic and telekinetic powers. T'laak however, received visions of a distant planet from Omnidia itself. This planet knew great suffering, and throughout his youth T'laak pursued adaptations that would help him find peace for the world called Earth.

Before his adolescence ended, T'laak had acquired what he needed to survive in space and so launched himself towards Earth as directed by Omnidia's world-mind, gaining even more insight as the intrepid journey became an Odyssey of sight and mind.

Ever since then, T'laak has become the Omninoid Overhero, or Overhero for short, as he uses his powers to right wrongs and pursue truth and justice.

Psionic Pressure, Telepathy, and Telekinesis

First and foremost are the skills by which T'laak was born. Those gifted to all infants born within Arkada are the powers of telepathy and telekinesis, and it was by those foundation stones that the city was built.

T'laak is an intersystem-level telepath, having sensed the plight of Earth from many solar systems away. His mental powers while on Earth itself are so vast that he can hear every idle thought unconsciously created by the human mind. This is not to say that he knows about everything that is going to happen.

There are multiple layers to the mind, with eight immediate classifications being understood by T'laak's advanced knowledge of telepathic physics.
First are the thoughts unconsciously produced, mere refuse of the brain idly processing daily happenings - i.e. 'grocery lists' or 'did I leave the oven on'. These thoughts are unimportant and are forgotten entirely within minutes.

Second are the thoughts that have more weight to them, things that are remembered for hours by the shallow parts of the brain but are immediately discarded by the deeper recesses. Though they might mostly just be waste conjured by the brain that it thinks are important, sometimes there are legitimate processes that recede into...

The third kind of thought: memories. These are tangible things, usually with physical proof behind them in the immediate area. Thoughts such as these are remembered for months or even years after the fact it happened, and earn a place in the coils of the brain itself before degeneration happens.

The fourth kind of thought-material the brain produces is often seen as the deepest part of the mind by most, and that is the secret layer. Secrets are meant to be kept, and require much more digging than the first or second layer of thought. Even T'laak would have a difficult time punching through the third layer of some minds, as he is merely a visitor into their realm where they are literal gods. Yet with this in context, T'laak has unlocked the path to many secrets without the subject even knowing. It is entirely up to whom he encounters whether or not their memories and anything beyond them are important enough to keep behind closed doors.

The fifth layer is much more esoteric and bizarre, as it deals with 'could haves' and possibilities. These might run into the first layer, where they are casually forgotten, but when people are wronged or hurt their brain produce enormous amounts of scenarios in which something 'could have' been different, and sometimes they never let go.

The sixth is the first experience of darker things, where the mind seemingly begins to override all lack of empathy. This part of thought is dangerously unhinged for some, but can be controlled by...

The seventh layer of thought: consequence. For every dark thought, there is an outcome the brain does not find pleasure within. The brain does not naturally concede to consequence unless it is conscious of said reactions from the outside world, or else it imagines what it might be using a sub-level of this layer known as 'common sense'. Consequence is the place where T'laak usually imposes the most weight, as it is the strongest part of the brain that deals in actual physical restraint.

Finally, the eighth concept of thought that T'laak has been able to record with his experiences in telepathy is 'wonder' and 'dream'. It is the most massive layer in terms of sheer size, and houses everything a mind has undergone to the point of interaction that has to do with 'deep thought' or 'imagination'.

Beyond this, T'laak's mind has been honed as a razor to encompass what is known as 'psionic pressure'. He is able to exert an unnaturally forceful amount of mental energy that is capable of pinning down a gunman in a crowded room or compressing an entire building into the size of a ping pong ball. This goes hand-in-hand with his telekinetic powers, which are formidable in their own right.

Shape-shifting and Intangibility

With his telepathic abilities, he can already alter the perception of one's mind by psionically influencing the 'memories' layer of their brain. Yet sometimes he cannot, due to any factors considering willpower or previous knowledge of telepaths and how to safeguard against them.

Although it is not the primary purpose of this power, T'laak is able to change form at will given an elastic physiology. This allows him to change his physical makeup perfectly to that of anything he can set his mind to, ranging from anything including making himself an exact replica of another living being and turning his finger into a key.

Even his clothes change to accommodate for this.
This also fits perfectly into a more ghostly ability of his, primarily that of 'phasing' or 'intangibility'. With this he is able to go through solid walls or, more commonly, fully incapacitate organic beings by phasing his hand through their brains and influencing all eight layers of their mind at once, reducing them to a comatose state for about an hour. This also means that he is able to phase through organic beings and physically harm them immensely by turning his body tangile whilst inside.
The scale of his shape-shifting does not seem to have a limit. His journey en route to Earth caused him to go through so many adaptations that his biology is moldable to any shape, right down to his genetic code. While he retains his mind, it is perhaps his greatest giveaway - as x-ray scans can detect that his brain has not changed at all despite his otherwise perfect disguise.

This extends into an accelerated healing factor as well as extreme damage mitigation and nullification.

Superhuman Attributes, Various Visions

Even considering his vast psionic powers and shape-shifting potential, Overhero is vastly more physically powerful than many of his peers.
His raw output easily places him beyond the Class 100-ton scale, which is even more ludicrous once he telepathically alters his muscle structure to vastly increase his body's density. Added to a lowered frictional impact using the same strategy, T'laak is estimated to be able to hit as hard as blockbusters such as Typhon or Reynard.
It is unknown if he can actually push Nemo in a similar regard, but T'laak has not expressed any interest in trying. He respects the S-Crested Wonder too much.

A variety of other attributes are magnified in a similar fashion, from speed to durability, reflexes, stamina, senses, and so on and so forth.

His eyes are perhaps one of the most profound parts of his body excluding his mind. The lenses within them are able to be altered just as much as his actual physical body, prolonging their usefulness beyond biological decay as well as providing T'laak with a variety of special 'visions' or eye-based powers as well. Concussive beams of energy seem to be the most prevalent of them all, as well as x-ray, EMP-sensitive, telescopic, microscopic, and heat-sensing visions.

He is also able to fly of his own accord, even when his telekinetic abilities are dampened. Things such as eating food, drinking water, or even breathing oxygen are of no concern to him either.


Despite his seemingly overwhelming powers, T'laak is a very vulnerable man - his primary one being that of a crippling fear of fire.

When he was a child on Omnidia, the outskirts of Arkada were always plagued by great rolling fields of flame during the summer months. T'laak had been close to dying when the sudden firestorm encircled him and some of his friends while they were exploring the wasteland. T'laak nearly died, but he was the only survivor.

Fire itself is a natural enemy to the Omninoids of Arkada, as it crawls and burns despite their best efforts. Coiling bands of electricity can provide a similar harrowing experience and - depending on the voltage - a more painful one. But fire will always remain a terrifying landmark in every Arkadan Omninoid mind due to the sheer unpredictability of it.

T'laak will always choose to save lives over fully fighting an enemy. That is how he experienced the suffering of Earth through Omnidia's world-mind, as he saw that humans often cared too little for each other. When given the choice between saving someone's life or stopping a villain from dismantling an empty building, he will always choose the former.

Despite him being able to casually 'read' minds, these are usually just idle thoughts ranging from the first layer of the mind down to maybe the third. When a concentrated psionic attack comes towards him, he has to be prepared much like a trench needs to be prepared for an artillery barrage.

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