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Phantasm (bio)

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1Phantasm (bio) Empty Phantasm (bio) on Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:25 am


Name: Rudolph Murray
Alias(s): Phantom, Phantasm
Age: 45
Affiliations: Phantom Project (formerly), USA (formerly)

Job(s): Mercenary, Information Broker
Relatives: Lina (wife - dead), Lan (son - dead), Erin (son - not dead?)

Justice, must be made - Phantasm.
Galore town was a peaceful little town, until a war veteran who just returned home from his duty decided to slaughter everyone in it, then surrendered himself to the law. The charges put on him were nullified stating that A: He was mentally ill and B: He had earned merits serving his nation. Temporary at least, the man was locked behind bars, where he could hurt no one.


  • Rudolph is an expert martial artist having had received training in fighting since he was 15, when he joined the military. As part of the Phantom program of USA, he's received special ops training, had mentors from practically world over act as his instructors.
  • Perhaps Rudolph's deadliest skill is his observation. He can pick up on fighting techniques after having seen them just once. 
  • CQC: Rudolph is quite adapt at using bladed weaponry at close quaters for effective and a means to a deadly end.
  • Weapons: Rudolph can use most any weapon known to man.
  • Professional Hacker: Of the various training Rudolph has had received in his career, his ability to hack is perhaps one of the most useful skill he acquired. This became useful after going rogue. Sitting in the comfort of his home, Rudolph earned dollars by the hundreds of thousands getting and selling information, from the comfort of his home.


  • Gravity Sheath Armor: One of the suits of armor Rudolph acquired during his carrier as a special op was the Gravity Sheath Armor, capable of redirecting most forms of damage received safely or reflect the damage back to the person.

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