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Optimal [Bio]

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1Optimal [Bio] Empty Optimal [Bio] on Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:08 am

Optimal [Bio] Ironma10

"The future's knocking, and by that I mean answer the door before I break it the fuck down."

Name: Julian Founder

Alias: Optimal

Occupation: Transhumanist; military contractor; arms supplier

Species: Homo Sapien

Alignment: N/A; himself; citizen of the United States of America

Ethnicity: White

Age: 36 Standard Years

Height: 5'9 Unarmored; 6'7 Armored

Weight: 180 lbs. Unarmored; ~ 320 lbs. Armored

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Primary Base of Operations: Foundation Incorporated Compound - Macau, China (TBA)

Secondary Base of Operations: Foundation Inc. Building - New York City (TBA)


Julian Founder's approach to human problems is centered around what he perceives as his objectively superior aptitude for problem-solving as well as his capacity to process large amounts of information simultaneously. His outlook on government, for example, mirrors that of a Platonic Aristocracy. In this system, a philosopher-king rules through virtue of their intellect and capacity for reason. The rest of society is divided into a strict caste hierarchy based on their potential. The duty of the philosopher-king in these centralized governmental systems is to, in addition to setting agendas for society, monitor and cultivate the progress of the children in order to recruit them to their assigned caste, which is based on their intellectual integrity.

Julian sees himself as the destined herald of this new era of human advancement by virtue of what he views as his objectively superior intellect, and thus, his greater worth as a human being. He is ultimately devoted to bringing about what he sees as a more magnificent society by way of technology, fulfilling Plato's ideal for government and charting a new course of human development. It is because he is so intellectually gifted that he believes he has an obligation to bring about this technology-fueled Enlightenment by any means, as any other outcome that falls short of this ideal only reinforces the power of the status quo. Founder sees democratic values as illusory and ultimately destructive to human flourishing, and evil specifically as dogmatic attachment to the status quo or actions which are inefficient, i.e. unguided by reason. To him, good is any act which directly advances his agenda of bringing about a new technological golden age, and virtuous traits as the capacity for a being to understand his goals and ultimately submit to him. Because he views his agenda as one of moral imperative, he is completely devoted to carrying through with his actions, and sees himself as the hero that humanity will, in the far future, appreciate. Any steps taken to fulfill this ideal are, to Julian, ultimately justified in the end.


Optimal [Bio] Giphy10

Julian is one of the most intellectually gifted humans on the planet. He is a polymath with high levels of proficiency in programming, engineering, and rational systems analysis. He is capable of accurately predicting the outcomes of future events based on the information available to him, and can process a multitude of thoughts at once. His memory is outstanding. Julian's capacity for weapons design has enabled him to construct a multitude of armaments to supplement what he calls the Optimal Armor's arsenal, a modern-day siege engine piloted by a single user that is capable of rending entire battalions through sheer firepower and versatility.


(Under Construction)

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Oh, this is going to be so much fun.

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I enjoyed the read

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