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Black Knight's Casebook.

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Incident report: December Ninth. 

Observed a meta-human attack and incapacitate several drug dealers (not believed to be affiliated with any major gang, or other organization). Interceded against said meta-human when it became apparent he was going to use lethal force. 

Engaged the meta-human (name believed to be James Rodrigo) inside the building. The fight spilled outside, where I was forced to go on the defensive. The enemy appeared to have super-speed, and a number of tendrils, or tentacles, which easily broke through walls, and several of my bones. 

I lured the enemy into an office building, and signaled the "super-hero" Carbon via the internet. He attacked Rodrigo, while I escaped. I was suffering from multiple broken ribs, and a fair amount of internal bleeding. Upon returning home, I administered painkillers, and dealt with my injuries. 

This was a failure. I think I understand why.

I didn't have the luxury of choosing the battleground. In the case of the Reptile, I was able to outsmart the amphibious mutant, and lure him into an area I'd already prepared to stop him. In the first part of the engagement with Rodrigo, I was in an unfamiliar area, with only my standard equipment. This put me at a heavy disadvantage. The obvious way of rectifying this would be either to make the entire city my 'home turf,' so to speak- rigging areas with cameras, explosives, and the like. This isn't feasible with my very limited resources, so the other option seems best- equipping myself with enough equipment to be sufficiently versatile enough to win in any situation. 

I understood when I began this crusade of mine that many of my opponents would have me heavily outclassed. This case, however, really made it hit home. I simply don't have the resources of someone like Carbon, or the sheer skill of the Mask Killer. So I make up for that by cheating.

Speaking of Carbon... well, he makes an interesting case by himself. An artificial intelligence, wearing the symbol I wear. A potential ally, after this, but he's made it pretty clear he doesn't think well of vigilantes. I'll have to see, with him.

I'm unsure of Rodrigo's ultimate fate. With Carbon's resources, it seems unlikely he escaped, but I won't close the case based just on that.

That concludes this entry. For now.

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